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Did you also start 2022 with good New Year’s resolutions? Many of us resolve to exercise more, eat healthier or go to bed earlier. But one of the most common resolutions is to try something new.

That’s why we’re making an initial prediction about what new trends there will be in the coffee industry. There is no longer just a choice between coffee with or without milk. Baristas are getting creative to prepare a taste experience for the customer. Our Coffee-Bikers also offer various specials in addition to the classic coffee specialties.


#1 Toppings

The typical biscuit with the coffee is no longer next to the cup, but in the drink. As a sugar substitute, small Amarettini pieces or, in keeping with the winter season, Spekulatius crumbs can be spread on the milk foam. The taste of the drink is enhanced by a certain crunch. Have you got the urge to try coffee specialties with a biscuit character? No problem, try our Winter Specials. Treat yourself to a sweet Honey Almond Macchiato or a delicious Peanut Butter Cup Latte at a Coffee-Bike near you.


#2 Spices

Coffee aroma, soft milk foam and a few Arabic spice mixtures. Yes, read that right! Cocoa powder on the cappuccino was a thing of the past, today spices such as cardamom, nutmeg or cinnamon are the order of the day on the milk foam. If you want to surprise your taste buds, the Coffee-Bike gives you the opportunity to enhance the flavour of your coffee specialty with different types of syrup. For example, how about a Blackforest-Cherry Latte with fruity cherry syrup and nutty amaretto syrup?


#3 Superfood

The third trend fits in with the resolution to want to live healthier. Fitness and nutrition experts refer to foods that have a positive effect on body and mind as superfoods. You’ve probably heard of goji berries, quinoa or acai. Behind these fancy-sounding foods is a particularly high content of vitamins, minerals or secondary plant substances. Coffeelovers can also rejoice in this trend, because caffeinated drinks are also benefiting from the hype surrounding superfoods. Our participating Coffee-Bikers will be happy to prepare a Matcha Latte or a Pink Superfood Latte for you. The colourful hot drinks with superpowers not only look exotic, but also taste incredibly good.


#4 Milk alternatives

When you order a coffee with milk, the barista often responds with the question: Which milk? The variety of milk alternatives has developed greatly in recent years. Cow’s milk is no longer the only option, as some people are vegan or lactose intolerant, for example. If you like to drink your coffee with a milk alternative or simply want to try out a new variant, you can choose between soy milk, almond milk, oat milk, coconut milk and pea milk at the Coffee-Bike.

Surely many more new combinations and trends will be discovered this year in relation to the coffee industry. But all that really matters is that the coffee tastes good, right? So check out the free Coffee-Bike app (Android & iOS) to find out which Coffee-Biker is near you and enjoy the delicious coffee specialties.

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