Cold weather, hot drinks: Coffee-Bike Winter Specials 2021

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Winter Specials Honey Almond Macchiato and Peanut Butter Cup Latte on stone background with Coffee-Bike logo on bottom right side

Time is flying by. Weren’t we just enjoying the cool drinks on the terrace while tanning in the sun? And suddenly October begins – some are still wearing T-shirts, while others are already wearing winter coats. But one thing is for sure: You can enjoy the Coffee-Bike Winter Specials 2021 in any outfit. Which winter novelties we have thought about this year, we would like to present to you in this blog post.


This year’s motto: In the Christmas bakery

From shortbread to almond macaroons and peanut cookies – cookies are a must have during the cold season. Isn’t that smell wonderful when the freshly baked cookies come out of the oven? Then add a hot drink and the mood is perfect! This gave us the idea to combine coffee and cookie flavors. With two new Winter Specials, you can experience the best of both worlds of taste.


Our new coffee specialties with cookie character

First, we would like to introduce you to the Honey Almond Macchiato. Classic macarons as well as delicious marzipan cookies and nutty Florentines served as inspiration for this sweet and nutty hot beverage. A hint of honey and almond enhances our strong espresso, which combines with gentle milk foam. In keeping with the start of golden October, the Honey Almond Macchiato is adorned with a Gold Dust crown.

Another highlight is hidden behind the Peanut Butter Cup Latte. This Winter Special owes its name to the popular British chocolates. In terms of taste, you can expect a delicate chocolatey note in this winter milk drink, combined with the nutty flavor of peanut butter syrup, which gets a caffeinated kick from our Caferino espresso. This liquid happiness is also visually eye-catching with its dark chocolate cap.

Now you feel like trying out the new winter specials? No problem, because from now on you can find the new products at all participating Coffee-Bikes. Also, feel free to check out our free Coffee-Bike app (Android or iOS). There you will be shown all active bikes near you and you don’t have to search long to enjoy your favorite coffee specialties. Our baristas are looking forward to meeting you!

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