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Even though many things have stood still in recent months, the world of coffee is definitely not among them. Many new trends have emerged in recent months. Reason enough to give you today an insight into the coffee trends for 2020. Let yourself be surprised. We will only tell you this much: It will be colourful and extraordinary.


Superfoods coffee

The so-called superfoods have been an absolute trend in the food sector for some time now. But now they have also found their way into the world of coffee, where they are now unleashing their superpowers.  One example is Maca coffee. Maca is a tuber originating from South America. It is not only said to have healing powers, but also a performance-enhancing effect. Its caffeine content is 3 to 5 times higher than coffee. For Maca coffee, a little of the finely ground Maca powder is simply added to the coffee. This sounds like a real energy booster. A little tip: if you need to recharge your battery, next time you’re at the Coffee-Bike, order an Espresso Doppio. A classic that can work wonders.


Egg Coffee

Another unconventional trend comes from Vietnam. This coffee is actually made with eggs. This may not sound very appealing at first glance, but it is supposed to be a real taste highlight. When preparing the coffee, the yolk and the egg white are first separated. Then the egg yolk is beaten with sugar or sweet condensed milk until foamy and carefully added to the coffee. The unusual coffee speciality is now ready.


Pink Latte & Blue Pea Flower Coffee

It’s going to be colorful. Another highlight of this year’s coffee trends are colourful coffee specialties. Yes, you read correctly: colourful coffee. Sounds strange at first, but the creations from Asia and the USA are real eye-catchers. With the so-called Pink Latte, a little beetroot juice is simply added to the conventional latte macchiato to create a bright pink colour. In addition to pink, blue coffee is now also possible. The tea of the so-called Blue Pea Flower is used for this purpose. The powder gives the coffee or latte macchiato an intense blue colour. We just love colour! Therefore, we offer the Matcha Latte at participating Coffee-Bikes. It convinces with a strong green colour, which perfectly reflects the sustainability idea of our bikes. 


Milk alternatives

Another trend, which some of you may be aware of, is vegetable milk alternatives. Oat drink as well as soy, rice, almond and coconut milk are becoming increasingly popular and give every coffee speciality a very unique note. Are you also a fan of the delicious milk alternatives? Then the next time you visit the Coffee-Bike, just ask the barista for soy, oat or any other vegetable milk.

If you feel like testing one or the other of these coffee trends yourself, you will find the right coffee or espresso here. With this and a little creativity and courage nothing can go wrong.

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