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On pink background is a white cup with green coffee surrounded by two hands and several pink flowers.

Superfood coffee or coffee with superpowers? We admit, that sounds a bit strange. Coffee is known to have an energising effect in itself. But this can be further enhanced by various additives.


The new “Proffee”

A very special coffee is currently becoming a trend in social media and is particularly interesting for the fitness gurus among us. The so-called “Proffee” combines the invigorating effect of coffee with the strengthening effects of a fitness drink. The explanation for this double effect is quite simple. Proffee is simply a coffee mixed with a protein drink. Hence the name (Protein + Coffee). Instead of milk or cream, the coffee is simply sweetened with an extra portion of protein in the form of a protein drink. Chilled with ice cubes, the proffee is supposed to be a real treat. However, this drink also offers further variation possibilities. For example, it can be supplemented with other food supplements, cream or syrup. There are also various options when it comes to choosing a protein drink: The flavours range from cocoa to banana, strawberry and vanilla.


Colourful Superfood coffee

At the Coffee-Bike we can’t offer you Proffee, but participating bikes have recently started offering other coffee drinks with real superpowers. If you like it colourful and unusual, you should definitely try our delicious Matcha Latte or the Pink Superfood Latte. These specialities not only look good with their green or pink colour, but also have an interesting effect without any artificial colouring.

Matcha is the powder of a certain type of green tea. The taste is somewhat tart but at the same time very refreshing. Matcha not only has an anti-inflammatory effect and strengthens the immune system, but with its caffeine content of 3% it is also a gentle stimulant and thus a great alternative to coffee.

The Pink Superfood Latte delights with a combination of beetroot, goji berries and acai. The amount of vitamin C, iron and folic acid contained in the pink drink makes it a real powerhouse and a super booster for the immune system.

The next time you stop by the Coffee Bike, ask your trusted barista for a Superfood Latte and let yourself be inspired by an unusual taste experience. You can find all the active bikes near you in our free Coffee-Bike app.

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