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Where has the time gone? You just opened the first door of your Advent calendar and now Christmas is just around the corner. What a surprise! Now you need creative gift ideas that are simple and, above all, easy to implement in terms of time. How good that we have little Christmas elves at Coffee-Bike who will be happy to help you with your gift selection.

Whether for pleasure, for practical use or for the sustainable idea – in the Coffee-Bike online shop you will find the right gift. In addition to our Caferino espresso and coffee beans, we also offer merchandise and coffee equipment. To give you a good overview, we present our shop products here.


Caferino espresso and coffee beans

To make sure that your coffee tastes almost as good as it does at your trusted barista’s Coffee-Bike, you can order the certified organic coffee beans from our own brand Caferino for your home. The Arabica beans develop their aroma through the traditional long-term roasting process and guarantee a unique moment of enjoyment. If coffee is not enough for you and you also want to prepare espresso, cappuccino or latte macchiato, then you can choose a pack of our espresso beans, which consist of a blend of 30% spicy Robusta beans and 70% fruity Arabica beans. And you’re even doing something good with your purchase, because we donate 10 cents per Caferino espresso pack sold to the aid organisation terre des hommes – help for children in need. The espresso and coffee beans are available in 250g or 500g packs. The Caferino tasting package is particularly suitable as a gift to try out both, the espresso and the coffee beans.


Everything you need for coffee preparation

Are you looking for a suitable container in which to froth the milk for your coffee specialty? Then we recommend our milk jugs made of thick-walled stainless steel, in which the milk foam is particularly even. With the spout, you can even put your latte art skills to the test. We offer you the dishwasher-safe jugs in the sizes 350 ml and 590 ml. Of course, a professional preparation of hot drinks with espresso content also requires an espresso jug. This is also available in our shop with a capacity of 90 ml. And now there is only one thing missing to enjoy your drink: a cup. Our high-quality porcelain tableware is branded with our Coffee-Bike logo on the inside and outside and thus has a stylish recognition value. You can order espresso, cappuccino and milk coffee cups in practical sets of two, or you can choose all three sizes in a set of three cups. An alternative is the Coffee-Bike reusable cup, which stands out from other to-go cups with the usual minimalist Coffee-Bike design. It’s a sustainable gift with style that is suitable for young and old.


Merchandise and gifts

Coffee is your life and you would love to grow your own coffee plantation? Thinking big is great, but maybe you should start with a coffee plant at home first. The wooden Coffee-Bike ecocube contains several coffee plant seeds and serves as a natural fertiliser when transplanted. Creative, sustainable and caffeinated gift!

If you want to give an entire Coffee-Bike treat as a gift, check out our gift boxes. A pack of coffee, two cappuccino cups and Coffee-Bike giveaways make up the first gift box. The second bundle includes the aromatic espresso beans as well as espresso cups and also Coffee-Bike giveaways.

Discover our products in the online shop now to give yourself or your loved ones a gift. Please note that our Christmas elves will be on Christmas holiday from 23 December and will only be able to send out parcels again from 3 January.

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