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The year is drawing to a close but for wedding couples, planning for the 2024 wedding season begins now. Anyone who has ever planned a wedding knows that there is a lot to consider. So too with the choice of food and drink. One trend that has been growing for years is mobile wedding catering. Whether in the form of a food truck, converted vintage bus or converted cargo bike, the Coffee-Bike: there is something for every taste in the street food sector.

Advantages of mobile wedding catering

A mobile solution has several advantages over traditional wedding catering. One of them is flexibility. The Coffee-Bike, for example, can be placed at almost any location, indoors or outdoors, giving you a lot of freedom when planning your celebration location. This can be your garden, a beautiful hall, or perhaps a more unusual lake or the white sandy beach by the sea.

Mobile wedding catering offers you not only spatial but also temporal flexibility. Perhaps you would like to welcome your guests with a delicious welcome drink before the wedding ceremony, extend the champagne reception with delicious pastries and coffee specialities or make the midnight snack a real highlight. The Coffee-Bike offers you the ideal setting to design your celebration according to your wishes.

The visual appearance and ambience of a mobile coffee catering service should not be neglected either. The Coffee-Bike impresses with its noble design in vintage look. Equipped with a high-quality portafilter machine, our professional baristas prepare each coffee speciality fresh before your eyes.

The 3 golden rules

The following rules should be observed when choosing a mobile catering service.

1. There must be something for every guest

When choosing a catering concept, make sure that there is something for every guest, whether young or old, vegetarian or vegan. The Coffee-Bike offers you a wide selection of caffeinated and decaffeinated drinks. From coffee, cappuccino and specials such as the Blackforest-Cherry Latte to tea and cocoa, there is something for every taste. Plant-based milk alternatives are also part of the standard range at the mobile coffee bar. The range is rounded off by a selection of cold drinks and snacks, such as cookies and muffins in various flavours.

2. It should fit in well with the flow of the celebration

Every wedding celebration is individual. A free wedding ceremony in the garden at home is usually very different from the classic church wedding followed by a celebration in a restaurant. When choosing the catering, it is therefore important to think in advance about how it should be integrated into the day. The Coffee-Bike can be flexibly integrated into the course of your wedding ceremony. If you are unsure, our experts from the event team will be happy to help you and advise you on the planning of your big day.

3. It should match the wedding location

Regardless of whether you choose the location first or the catering provider first - both should be compatible. Many locations have specific requirements for the choice of catering or do not allow the use of external service providers. So if you don't want to be tied down to a particular location when choosing your food and drinks, you should definitely bear this point in mind. The local conditions also play a role in the choice of catering.  Due to its self-sufficient operation, the Coffee-Bike can be used at almost any location. Outdoors, there is no need for an external power or water supply; indoors, the bike only requires a standard power socket.

We wish you every success in planning your event. Many locations have specific requirements for the choice of catering or do not allow the use catering services from other providers.

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