Sustainable cups: Coffee-Bike launches its own deposit system

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White deposit cup with the black inscription "To take away and come back" and the Coffee-Bike logo is under the portafilter machine in the steam

A good deed every day. And you can fulfill your daily deed at the Coffee-Bike by ordering your favorite coffee speciality in a deposit cup. We explain what’s behind the deposit cup system in this blog post.

In Germany, approximately 2.8 billion disposable plastic cups are consumed each year. You can certainly imagine how much waste this creates. If the cups are then also disposed of incorrectly, this is very harmful to our environment. Since July 2021, the labeling obligation for disposable plastic articles has been in force in the European Union. According to the German Bundesrat, reusable plastic cups will be mandatory for restaurants from 2023. But we don’t want to and can’t wait that long. That’s why we’re the first German café franchise to develop our own deposit cup system for our Coffee-Bikes, which will be launched in Germany and Austria from November 1, 2021.


How does the deposit system work?

Simple. At all participating Coffee-Bikes, you can get your favorite coffee specialty in a deposit cup if you leave a one-euro deposit. After your moment of pleasure, you can return the sustainable reusable cup to any Coffee-Bike from Berlin to Vienna and get your euro back. As simple as it’s effective.


What are the advantages of the Coffee-Bike deposit cup?

The cups are made of 100 percent recyclable polypropylene (PP), which makes them a BPA- and toxin-free alternative to classic to-go cups. They are also tasteless, dishwasher safe and optimally stackable. Made in Germany, the deposit cups are impressive not only because of the chosen material, but also because of the recognition value. Based on the usual minimalist Coffee-Bike design, the sustainable returnable cup is also a real eye-catcher.

Since we are not bound to any existing deposit system, we can guarantee our own quality standards and create attractive conditions for our franchise partners. We are aware of our responsibility in our craft and would like to sensitize our partners as well as our customers for more environmental awareness with the deposit cups.

Would you like to enjoy your favorite coffee specialty in the new deposit cup? No problem, because from the beginning of November you can try out the cups at all participating Coffee-Bikes. You can also check out our free Coffee-Bike App (Android iOS). There you will be shown all active bikes in your area and you don’t have to search long to enjoy your favorite coffee specialties. Our baristas are looking forward to meeting you!


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