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Anyone who wants to set up their own business faces many challenges and decisions. What should my business look like? What are the earning potentials? Who will help me with the financing? Who will take care of the logistics or bookkeeping? Questions upon questions. It's easy to lose the courage to take the plunge into entrepreneurship.

But there is a way for you to become self-employed without having to face the associated risks and challenges alone - the solution is a franchise partnership. We explain when franchising is worthwhile for you and what the advantages are compared to an individual start-up.

Self-employment with a safety net

As an independent franchise entrepreneur, you can concentrate fully on your core competences, as you receive support from the franchisor for many entrepreneurial tasks. You have access to an established business model that many founders have already successfully implemented before you. This significantly minimises the risk of self-employment and makes the costs calculable. This aspect is also helpful if you are dependent on external capital in the form of loans or subsidies when setting up your business.

The franchisor will usually also support you with issues such as finding a location, procuring goods and bookkeeping. Another advantage is the already mature marketing strategy. Instead of having to become active yourself as an individual entrepreneur, you can leave the marketing of your company completely in the hands of the franchisor and rely on the professional advertising measures of the system headquarters.

Why franchising is worthwhile for you

To summarize, a franchise partnership is suitable for you if you wish to work independently but still want to rely on the expertise of a strong partner. A partner who will support you during the start-up process, advise you on questions and problems and help you to make your business a long-term success.

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