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Even from a distance, you can recognise the mobile coffee bar on three wheels and look forward to a delicious coffee specialty. Because no matter what city you’re in, you won’t find any difference in the quality of the coffee and the design of the Coffee-Bike. As a franchise concept, we place particular emphasis on this.

Have you ever wondered what the Coffee-Bike looks like from the barista’s side while ordering? We’ll tell you in this blog post and show you everything that belongts to a Coffee-Bike.


What you see – the mobile coffee bar as a visual highlight

The Coffee-Bike is a real eye-catcher at any event thanks to its elegant and unique design. The black roof with the white Coffee-Bike branding, which can be extended and adjusted in height as required, is a striking recognition feature. Your second glance will probably fall on the posters in the display on the portafilter and on the transport box, which is located behind the saddle and offers storage space. While you have ordered your favourite drink, your gaze wanders to the by-product display, where you can find various teas or pâtisserie products. To the left, the barista will serve you your finished drink and you can sweeten your coffee at the sugar board or take a stir stick. If you want to ask your trusted Coffee-Biker for an event, look to the right of the machine for flyers or business cards. If you would like to book mobile coffee catering, you can also get a no-obligation offer on our website.


What the barista sees – most modern technology on three wheels

The central piece of equipment on our bike is, of course, the portafilter machine with which the Coffee-Biker conjures up your favourite coffee specialty. On the left side is the “grind on demand” coffee grinder, which grinds our Caferino coffee and espresso beans. On the way to the portafilter machine, a stop is made at the tamper station. The barista takes the biodegradable to-go cups from the cup dispensers. You can also see the selection of syrups from the customer’s side, as the syrup holder is located behind the coffee grinder. On the right is a double sink that draws hot water through a water tank to enable self-sufficient operation, among other things. Since not only coffee is offered, but also cold drinks are in the portfolio, an orange juice press is also attached to the Coffee-Bike.

As you can see, behind the Coffee-Bike is a well elaborated concept of being mobile, self-sufficient and able to sell the best coffee in town in an area of only 4 square metres. You can read about the advantages of a franchise partnership with Coffee-Bike here. If you are interested in becoming a Coffee-Biker, feel free to register for one of our free online webinars.

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