Coffee-Bike Success Story: Successful with mobile coffee catering in Berlin

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Passionate barista and self-employed businesswoman – Claudia Brose has been a Coffee-Bike franchise partner since September 2015 and offers delicious coffee specialities in the Berlin area with her mobile coffee bar on three wheels. She can be found at two fixed sales locations as well as at various events.

The qualified gardener and mother of twins discovered the Coffee-Bike for the first time at a street festival in Berlin. Inspired by the visual eye-catcher and convinced by the delicious coffee, she found out about the franchise partnership and six months later completed the initial training for new starters at the Coffee-Bike Academy in Osnabrück.


Coffee in Berlin – Claudia’s sales locations

Claudia started with a bike and tried out several sales locations with it. She has already sold coffee specialities at Berlin Central Station and in shopping centres. Currently, she can be found at the weekly market in Preußenallee on Fridays from 8 am to 1 pm. “I can easily cycle with the Coffee-Bike from my front door to the weekly market. The atmosphere is familiar and the customers as well as the stall holders appreciate the coffee,” Claudia says. Talking to regular customers is part of her everyday life on Fridays. “One customer gave me his own espresso cup, which I’ve always had on my bike since then, to serve him his favourite drink in.”

Claudia is also supported by an employee who mainly staffs her second sales location, the Helios Klinikum Emil von Behring in Berlin Zehlendorf. She requested the permanent location when catering at the hospital’s company party and has now been standing in front of the entrance since October 2021 to pamper patients, relatives and staff with hot and cold drinks. “At the Helios Klinikum, the customers are particularly grateful. Especially during the Corona period, when patients were only allowed to receive one visitor, other relatives were able to bridge the waiting time with a hot coffee”, Claudia reports. Opening hours are Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm.


Events in Berlin – Claudia’s caterings

In 2020, Claudia decided to get a second Coffee-Bike so that she could do caterings and stand at fixed locations at the same time. This is how she became a multi-entrepreneur. For events at the weekend, her husband and her two 20-year-old daughters also like to help out. She can generate a few catering orders at the weekly market and at the Helios Clinic by handing out catering flyers and her business cards there. But she also likes to use the catering services offered by the event team at Coffee-Bike Headquarters. She also draws attention to herself on online platforms. Take a look at her website, her partner page, her Instagram profile coffee_bike_berlin_brose or her Facebook page coffeebikebrose.

In addition to corporate parties, birthdays and weddings, Claudia has also been requested for more special events. In 2019, a film producer saw the Coffee-Bike at an event and subsequently booked it for catering during a film shoot at Filmstudio Babelsberg. For example, Claudia met Keanu Reeves, lead actor in the film “John Wick”, or also Michael B. Jordan on the film set of “Tom Clancy’s Merciless”. The actor was not the only celebrity Claudia had the pleasure of meeting. She also offered her coffee specialities at the wedding of the influencer couple Denise and Henning Merten. On several weekends, she also stood at the Waldbühne Berlin and served coffee while the Rolling Stones or the Broilers gave their concert. Here she also met Andreas Gabalier and Sarah Connor, among others. “As a Coffee-Biker, I not only get to meet a lot of great people, but I’m also on the road in different places. When the foundation stone was laid for a shopping centre, for example, my bike was lifted into a construction pit with a crane. Those are moments I’ll never forget”, Claudia recalls.


Coffee-Biker in Berlin – The advantages of the mobile café

In addition to Claudia, there are several other Coffee-Bikers in Berlin who are well networked with each other and are happy to help each other out when things get tight. “It’s a give and take. I really appreciate the collegiality and I can also count on the support from headquarters at any time,” Claudia enthuses. Since work-life balance is important to her and she attaches importance to her family life, the free allocation of time as an independent entrepreneur benefits her. She sees the flexibility, mobility and self-sufficient mode of operation as major advantages of the Coffee-Bike. “The job is simply fun. I can work in the fresh air and make many customers happy at the same time. When I was back on the film set for the first time after Corona, I was greeted with a wave of laughter and applause. This appreciation is priceless,” Claudia says with a big smile on her face.

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