Coffee-Bike Hamburg Amazing Places #14: pier and marina in Grömitz and Heiligenhafen

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Man pulling the lever of the Coffee-Bike portafilter machine, in the background sea

When a customer is handed a coffee speciality straight into the boat, the coffee lover is probably under the pier in Grömitz at the sales location of Coffee-Biker Andreas Ebenberger. Andreas has been a Coffee-Bike franchise partner since 2016 and now provides unique coffee enjoyment in a maritime ambience with his three mobile coffee bars. During the season, he and three employees operate a Coffee-Bike on the pier in Grömitz, on the pier in Heiligenhafen and at the marina in Heiligenhafen.

Before he dedicated himself to the mobile coffee business, he organised trade fairs and congresses in Spain, Portugal and South America from Madrid. He has been living on Mallorca with his family for 20 years and, as an independent entrepreneur, benefits from the flexibility of the rolling success concept: "The Coffee-Bike business gives me the opportunity to run my business on the bike for six months of the season and then enjoy the time with my family in Spain."


Coffee to go with a sea view

Through various contacts Andreas made at regional events, he was able to establish his permanent sales locations. He has now been operating the location on the pier in Heiligenhafen for five seasons. Tourists in particular enjoy a delicious Iced Latte from the Coffee-Bikes right on the Baltic Sea. "We are the only caterers on the piers and give our customers special holiday moments with our coffee specialities in the sunshine and with a view of the Baltic Sea," Andreas says. Take a look at Andreas' website.

After starting with one Coffee-Bike seven years ago, Andreas quickly decided to become a multi-biker and operate more bikes. He sees great advantages in the free and flexible choice of locations compared to fixed cafés, as the effort of changing locations and the associated costs are much lower. With the mobile coffee bar, he has already had the chance to test various locations, such as Hamburg Airport. During the Corona pandemic, he temporarily operated only one bike and is now happy about the significantly increasing number of orders in the event and gastronomy sector again. With a positive outlook on the future, he is steadily developing his Coffee-Bike business. His goal is to provide numerous #coffeebikemoments with up to five Coffee Bikes on the Baltic Sea coast in Ostholstein. "Quality and friendliness always win out in the end", Andreas concludes.

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