Five reasons to become self-employed with Coffee-Bike

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Side view of the Coffee-Bike shows in focus the grinder with beans and on the right a barista during work, bottom right white Coffee-Bike logo

Are you still unsure whether you should actually take the big step towards self-employment? With a strong partner and a proven brand at your side, you’ll get the support you need to build your own business. As a franchisor, Coffee-Bike has the necessary know-how and many years of experience to establish you and your mobile coffee bar on three wheels in the market.

Of course, self-employment also means a lot of responsibility and brings with it some challenges, especially at the beginning. However, you don’t have to master these alone if you decide on a franchise partnership with Coffee-Bike. In this blog post, we list a few reasons why it’s worth it to set up your own business with Coffee-Bike.


1. Your business, Your decisions

You are the boss! Which employees you hire, where you sell your coffee specialities and which catering you accept is entirely up to you. You are the decision-maker and can enjoy the freedom to develop your own business according to your ideas.


2. Not an employee, but a partner

You don’t report to anyone, but you can always count on the support of your consultant from the head office. As we attach great importance to a partnership, you can always turn to our experts if you have any questions – be it in the area of marketing, production or supply chain. Do you have suggestions for improvement and new ideas? Great, we are open to any suggestions and look forward to your commitment to the brand as part of the franchise.


3. Flexible, mobile and self-sufficient work

With your Coffee-Bike, you can not only sell coffee specialities at a fixed sales location, but also offer catering at various events. A decisive advantage of mobile café on wheels is not only its flexibility and mobility, but also its self-sufficient mode of operation, which allows you to prepare coffee indoors and outdoors. It’s up to you when to use your mobile coffee bar. You can assign your staff to different shifts or put yourself behind the bike. Always according to the motto: Everything goes, nothing has to.


4. Your bike, Your turnover

In order for your investment to pay off, you have to make sure that you sell products on the Coffee-Bike and generate turnover. The more catering orders you take and the more coffee specialities you sell at your location, the more profit you make. So it’s up to your sales strategy and your planning how much money you earn per month. In our system, there are no turnover targets and no opening hours that our partners have to keep.


5. Be an independent barista with passion

When you start a business, you do it with conviction. Being a Coffee-Biker means first and foremost having fun with the barista craft. You convince customers with creative latte art, your enthusiasm for the certified organic Caferino beans and friendly service. You don’t drive to work reluctantly, but enjoy your time and the encounters on the bike. Time flies when you love doing a job. Isn’t it nice to look forward to the next assignment after a successful day?

The advantages have convinced you and now you want to start your own business with a Coffee-Bike? Then register for one of our free online webinars to get more information about our franchise concept and the Coffee-Bike business. We look forward to welcoming you to our #coffeebikefamily!

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