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In the forest there is a wooden cabin surrounded by snow and trees.

Idyllic Winter Magic – Convince, where others meet their limits

Away from the city, in the Sindelfinger Forest, about a 30 minutes’ walk from the last drivable street is a hidden clearing. There lies a picturesque winter wonderland, perfect for the peaceful Christmas atmosphere and yet, an unconventional location for a Christmas party. Exactly here is where 600 employees of a German bank institute came together with family to share the Christmas magic and celebrate the New Year together.

Without water and electricity, this unconventional corporate event presented the organizers with the challenge of an exclusive environment. After all, guests not only wanted to be entertained with a program that included St. Nicholas, a gospel choir and campfire, but naturally, culinary delights as well. A special kind catering was in demand. This is where the Coffee-Bike and Waffle-Bike came into play. Undeterred by the unusual conditions, Frank Rökele created high quality coffee specialities, next to Michael Müller’s delicious waffles. These not only warmed guests from the inside, but also perfectly complimented the cosy atmosphere.

Because of their mobility and flexibility, the Coffee-Bike and Waffle-Bike could be used in this stunning setting, which would have been impossible for other caterers. This offers a special selling point in the growing street food sector, giving our partners a decisive advantage over the competition. Even more important is that we make it possible with our bikes to be a part of such unique events such as this Christmas party and gain memorable experiences!

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