Coffee-Bike Amazing Places #11: Landesgartenschau in Neuenburg

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A barista with black shirt and red apron is standing on the right in front of a fully equipped Coffee-Bike under blue sky, bottom right white Coffee-Bike logo

When Mustafa Karabesir was still working in the catering industry in Turkey, he was already dreaming of starting his own small café or snack bar. Through a friend, he became aware of Coffee-Bike and the franchise concept of the mobile coffee bar. He was immediately enthusiastic. In April 2022, he turned the dream of self-employment into reality and started as a franchise partner with his own Coffee-Bike.

“I know that with Coffee-Bike I have a strong brand by my side. In addition, the low initial investment made it easier for me to take the first step of starting my own business”, Mustafa says. Coffee-Bike GmbH also supported him in his search for a location and, after a sales location in Freiburg, finally found him a permanent location at this year’s Landesgartenschau in Neuenburg am Rhein.


Experience nature, enjoy coffee

After his training at the Coffee-Bike Academy, Mustafa was able to further develop his barista skills, initially at the Kastaniengarten in Freiburg, until he was able to start making coffee at his current location on 2 May 2022. At the Landesgartenschau in Neuenburg, he is now standing with his bike near the entrance and not far from a playground. “I particularly like the fact that I’m flexible with the bike, as I don’t need a water or electricity connection,” Mustafa explains.

He currently runs his rolling café alone, but gets help from his sons and wife from time to time. The Coffee-Bike is not only visually eye-catching, but also offers the right drink for every target group. “While the children are on the playground, the parents can refresh themselves with an Iced Latte. The seniors are also happy about a delicious Cappuccino to go, which they can enjoy during the tour,” Mustafa reports.


Planning ahead with a second Coffee-Bike

Mustafa wants to offer his customers the best possible service and the most delicious coffee specialities. To do this, he places a lot of emphasis on friendly customer service and professional barista craftsmanship. “I get requests for catering every day. As long as I’m standing at the Landesgartenschau, that’s hardly possible with one bike. That’s why I’m planning to expand my business with a second Coffee-Bike next summer,” Mustafa says. For him, being a multi-biker also means hiring more staff. Mustafa wants to train new staff during the winter months to be ready for the summer events. A permanent sales location for the summer of 2023 is also already in the pipeline. Mustafa is therefore confident that he will be able to grow steadily with his business. “It’s great that I can manage my own time and don’t have to generate a certain turnover,” says Mustafa. Fun at work, time for his family and a passion for coffee are what make Mustafa a Coffee-Biker and entrepreneur.

You can still visit Mustafa at the Landesgartenschau in Neuenburg until 3 October 2022. If you are interested in becoming a Coffee-Bike franchise partner, then register for one of our free online webinars. We look forward to hearing from you!


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