Coffee-Bike Spring Tip: Iced Latte with delicious Caferino espresso

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A Caferino espresso pack stands next to an Iced Latte glass with beans and ice cubes in front of it, above it black bar with the words DIY Iced Latte in white letters

Spring season has officialy started. Flowers are sprouting everywhere, birds are chirping and the trees are blossoming again. Also the weather has not let itself rag in the last days in many places and spoiled us with partly summerly temperatures. Of course this makes us want to have some delicious cool drinks. We think for example of delicious Iced Latte. Everyone who has ever tried the summer classic at one of our Coffee-Bikes knows what we are talking about. Iced Latte – that is summer feeling in a glass.


Just a few steps to Iced Latte enjoyment

Today we want to show you how to conjure up a delicious Coffee-Bike Iced Latte within your own four walls, even in times of social distancing and voluntary home stay. Fortunately, it doesn’t take much to do so:

That’s what you need:

  • 1 big glass
  • 1 espresso shot (for the real Coffee-Bike pleasure we recommend our own organic espresso beans of the brand Caferino)
  • approx. 150 ml cooled milk
  • 6-8 large ice cubes
  • depending on taste, the drink can be supplemented with a dash of syrup of the variety of your choice (our recommendation: the Iced Mint Macchiato with a touch of mint syrup)

That’s how it’s done:

If you want to give your Iced Latte that special kick, you can start the preparation directly with a shot of syrup of your choice. We recommend flavours such as vanilla or caramel or, for the more unusual taste, mint syrup (Iced Mint Macchiato). But don’t worry – even without syrup the Iced Latte is a real treat. Now fill the glass with ice cubes at ¾. In the next step, pour cooled milk over the glass until it is about 90% full. The drink is then topped off with a fresh espresso shot (we recommend preparing the Caferino Espresso just before serving). You’ll see, just visually alone the Iced Latte is already a real highlight. The perfect companion for warm spring and summer days. Pleasure is guaranteed – even in your home office .

Of course, the Iced Latte tastes best when it is prepared by one of our numerous Coffee-Bike Baristas. But if you still don’t want to do without it at home, order our Caferino organic espresso beans in our online shop today. Stay healthy and #supportyourlocals!

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