Coffee-Bike supports the campaign Heldensprung

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Last weekend, the first Lohmar Hero Jump took place - with Coffee-Bike Siegburg on site.

The fundraising campaign, in which brave hero jumpers jump into the Agger water in freezing temperatures, was initiated last year by Steffen Kessler and Sven Neu. Together with other hero jumpers, the two had so-called "wimps" sponsor them in the form of a donation for a good cause. Already at the end of last year, Steffen Kessler and Sven Neu bet: "that we would jump into the cold river water for the good cause in January, in all weathers, at all temperatures!"

Last Sunday was the day. A total of 33 hero jumpers dared to jump into the ice-cold Agger river at outside temperatures of -5 °C and water temperatures around freezing point. The heroes' efforts paid off. The campaign raised a total of 12,291 euros for the organisation "Doctors without Borders" and the Lohmarer Tafel's "School Satchel 2017" project.

Coffee-Bike Siegburg was also on site, helping the brave jumpers warm up with hot coffee specialities and contributing to the fundraising campaign with its revenue. "The action was a complete success. The atmosphere on site was just great and I am very happy to have been part of the first hero jump," said Markus Bonk, who runs a total of two Coffee-Bikes in Siegburg and the surrounding area. Despite the short but intensive effort, the Coffee-Bike was able to contribute 350 euros to the good cause.


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