Coffee-Bike launches its own deposit system

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The company is the first German café franchise concept to offer its own sustainable returnable cups with a return option.

Since July 2021, the labelling obligation for single-use plastic articles has been in force in the European Union. According to the Federal Council, the reusable obligation for catering businesses is to come into force from 2023. As a provider of coffee-to-go, Coffee-Bike GmbH already sees itself as having a social and ecological responsibility to take active and environmentally conscious action against packaging waste. This is why Coffee-Bike will be the first German coffee franchise to introduce its own deposit system to mobile coffee bars in Germany and Austria from 1 November 2021.


"Sustainable cups" is the motto for the deposit system

At participating coffee bikes, Frahling lovers have the opportunity to order their favourite coffee speciality in a reusable cup instead of a disposable cup and leave a deposit of one euro. The baristas offer the environmentally conscious drinking vessels in sizes 0.2l, 03l and 0.4l, depending on availability. The German-made cups can be returned at any bike from Berlin to Vienna. "In our daily craft, we are aware of our duty to make an active contribution to the sustainable design of our society. With our own deposit system, we would like to sensitise both our franchise partners and our customers to better environmental awareness," explains Mark Rüter, Managing Director of Coffee-Bike GmbH.


Advantages of the Coffee-Bike deposit cup

Although cross-system deposit systems already exist, Coffee-Bike attaches great importance to its own concept. This not only ensures its own quality standards, but also creates attractive conditions for franchise partners. "As a franchise company, the uniform brand appearance also plays a major role. It should be immediately clear to our customers: This is the Coffee-Bike deposit cup and I can hand it in at every bike," explains Rüter. The durability of the reusable and dishwasher-safe deposit cups achieves the goal of producing less waste indoors and outdoors. Each cup is made of 100 per cent recyclable polypropylene (PP), which makes it a BPA- and toxin-free alternative to classic to-go cups. This sustainability strategy goes hand in hand with the mobility concept of the mobile coffee bar on three wheels. After all, the self-sufficient coffee bike offers the best moments of enjoyment at almost any location without the need for an additional electricity or water connection. Another advantage of the material is the pleasant drinking sensation for coffee fans, which is also due to the neutral taste of the deposit cups. "Our unique coffee taste is preserved, while the coffee-bike experience is positively influenced by the deposit cup system. A coffee-to-go in a sustainable cup not only tastes good, but also strengthens an environmentally conscious conscience," says the Coffee-Bike CEO. In summary, the new deposit cup not only meets all the criteria to become a role model on the to-go market. It is also visually eye-catching in the usual minimalist Coffee-Bike design with a memorable value.


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