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In the background, Tobias Zimmer sits explaining next to a cut Coffee-Bike, while in the foreground the words Coffee-Bike "Franchise me" are written in white letters and the Coffee-Bike logo is in the lower left.

With the invitation of a TV team to the Osnabrück headquarters in autumn 2019, we have ventured into new territory. During the several days of filming, it was hard to imagine how the various scenes, interviews and recordings would one day grow together to form a complete contribution. Now not only we but also all viewers of the branch-specific format “FRANCHISE ME” of Welt der Wunder TV could marvel at the results of the two exciting days of filming.


Coffee-Bike introduces itself

Of course, we don’t want to anticipate too much of the content at this point and can only strongly recommend that you take a look at the report here yourself. But if you need a little incentive, we can reveal this much to you: The report not only gives you an emotional insight into the history of the company’s foundation by our founder and managing director Tobias Zimmer himself. It will also give you a detailed insight into the work of one of the most successful franchise systems in the coffee industry.

“What are the values, norms and quality standards of Coffee-Bike? How do I become a franchise partner? How does a genuine Coffee-Biker live and work?” We answer these and many more questions in this 10-minute report. Supplemented by many great insights into the everyday life of the company as well as impressions of the Coffee-Bike and interesting field reports from two franchise partners, the overall picture is worth seeing. A must-see for every interested coffee enthusiast with entrepreneurial ambitions.


Becoming a Coffee-Bike franchise partner is now easier than ever before

We want to make the step into self-employment with the Coffee-Bike as easy as possible for you. Therefore, you will benefit from our current offer. Until 31.12.2020, all Coffee-Bike rental contracts include a rent-free start-up phase of 6 months. According to the motto: low fixed costs – maximum support, you can count on our full service and support from day one.

Register now for a free online live webinar and take the first step into a future as a self-employed Coffee-Biker.


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