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About Coffee-Bike 

Coffee-Bike is the UK’s leading mobile coffee franchise serving artisan quality coffee, not just on the high-street! Operating within 13 different countries with over 250 Coffee-Bike’s globally, we are a proven international concept and now taking the UK by storm by rolling into locations such as Gatwick Airport & St. Paul’s Cathedral to name a couple. What allows Coffee-Bike to operate in such locations? Mobility & Flexibility. 


How does Coffee-Bike’s mobility & flexibility convert to cash? 

Revenue Sources 

Permanent Pitch: This is exactly what it sounds like… a permanent location where our partners will serve their artisan coffee specialties, normally 5-7 days a week, depending on location. You can find our partners on the high-street, at shopping centers, airports, local markets… even St. Paul’s Cathedral! A permanent pitch allows you to build a loyal customer base and trust with your consumers. Once you have your pitch secured, you’re ready to launch!  

Events & Caterings: Alternatively, our franchisees could go down the events & catering route. With this operating method, our partners make themselves available to be booked for weddings and corporate events, having already catered for corporate giants such as Coca-Cola, BMW, and Allianz. These events can turn over HUGE revenues (circa £1500 a day!). This requires our partners to be proactive and build long-term relationships with event organisers, but of course, we will be there to support you in this process, offering head office referrals.  

Hybrid model: Depending on your personal goals with Coffee-Bike, why not opt for a hybrid model? Work at your permanent pitch Monday to Friday to secure revenue from busy commuters seeking their daily caffeine fix, while building your loyal customer base, and simultaneously taking advantage of lucrative weekend events! 


How much revenue can you realistically expect to turnover? 

The golden question and one I’m sure you’ve been wondering about. The truth is this is dependent on a few things: 

1.) Your personal goals: What is your aim with Coffee-Bike? Is it to work Monday-Friday and enjoy the buzz of serving people their delicious artisan coffee and building relationships. Or, perhaps you have a more entrepreneurial mindset and want to drive as much turnover as possible, working 5-7 days a week in both a permanent pitch whilst also securing events at the weekend, such as food markets or a wedding.  

2.) Your location: KEY. We provide all our franchisees with training on how to acquire the best location possible. Some, will naturally drive more turnover than others, take Gatwick Airport & St. Paul’s Cathedral for example. These locations have constant footfall with the masses likely keen on receiving their daily caffeine fix. Such locations can generate upwards of £20,000 A MONTH. Other locations, such as high-streets, train stations, shopping centers may not have as much footfall, yet many of our franchisees in these locations’ turnover £10,000 – £15,000 a month by building a loyal customer base and stealing consumers away from generic stores such as Starbucks and Costa.  


“Is turning over £10,000 a month achievable on a high-street?” 

In a word… YES. Remember… coffee has one of the highest margins in any industry. You will learn this in further detail if you choose to join one of our live franchise discovery webinars, but let’s look at a quick breakdown.  

Imagine your average revenue per sale is £4 (it can be much higher than this when selling extras such as food items, but for this example we’ll take a low amount).  

So, to turnover £10,000 you would need 2500 customers per month. If you worked 25 days a month, this would require 100 customers per day. If you are operational 10 hours per day, that’s just 10 customers per hour… a customer every 6 minutes. Much more realistic? One customer every 6 minutes to turnover £10,000 A MONTH!  

Now imagine you up your average turnover per sale £1, imagine you serve a customer every 4 or 5 minutes. Coffee-Bike enables you to secure your future whilst offering (of course) the best coffee quality around, expert support & an efficient supply chain.  


“How can I learn more?” 

If you’re interested in turning your dream into a reality, then we’d first ask you to download our brochure by filling in a few details. Simply click ‘Get Started Now’ below to do so (Don’t worry… we won’t be hounding you 24/7 on the phones). Once you’ve given this the read over and is a business opportunity you’d like to pursue, then we’d like to invite you to join a LIVE discovery webinar which will cover the topics below: 

1.) Coffee-Bike History 

2.) The Coffee-Bike in action 

3.) Investment details & ROI 

4.) Revenue Sources 

Plus, there will be time for a Q&A.  

If none of the available upcoming dates / times work for you, then you can schedule a quick 30-minute call with our Sales Manager who will take any questions and provide all the key information surrounding our franchise. 

We look forward to hearing from you soon. 

The Coffee-Bike Team 

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