Coffee-Bike Success Story: Coffee catering in Munich

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Barista working at the Coffee-Bike

Since the end of August 2018, Italian-born Luca has been running his own mobile café in Munich. La Dolce Vita in Bavaria – as crazy as it may sound at first glance, the barista and his Coffee-Bike are already successful just a few weeks after his start. Luca is already enthusiastic about 6 interesting catering orders in his first month: “I think the coffee-Bike catering portal is very, very food. So far I have already served coffee catering for weddings, promotions for well-known customers and company celebrations as well as at street food festivals.”


The Coffee-Bike catering portal

It’s as simple as it is effective: The Coffee-Bike headquarters publishes all orders that come in via the online event planer or other channels. These orders are given to the franchise partners thoughout Germany – from company parties and weddings to festivals or trade fair events. Our partners benefit not only from the large Coffee-Bike network, but also from the reputation of an established brand.


Independent with a mobile coffee shop

In addition to the large turnover Luca has already achieved in the first few months, there are of course other reasons why he decided to set up his own business with Coffee-Bike: “I often work outside in the sun. Not in a boring office job under nean light. Additionally, I am convinced of the taste and quality of Caferino organic coffee. My coffee specialities taste very delicious, which is why I like to sell them. For the future I hope to get more orders and strengthen my network so that I can work with several bikes soon and become a multi-entrepreneur.” It is precisely these dreams of our partners that we want to realize with our Coffee-Bike franchise concept and support it with our catering portal.

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