Espresso with orange juice – TikTok trends, summer drinks and new combinations

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A hand pours espresso with a stainless steel pot from above into a glass with straw and orange juice, above it in black bars is written in white letters Do it yourself, right below white logo

“Alright, I said it once and I will say it again. Put espresso in your orange juice!” This is how a TikTok user starts her video and creates a new drink trend within a few days. The clip on the video platform has already reached over one million views. However, the reactions to the hyped drink combination could not be more different. As a provider of the best coffee specialities, we are critical, but of course want to know what this trend is all about. After all, Coffee Bike fans already know the Espresso Tonic or our latest Summer Special at the Bike: the Lime Coffee Soda. These are also quite different from a classic Iced latte.

In addition to the latest TikTok dances, the social network also offers a variety of recipe ideas – from #veganfood to cake creations to new mixed drinks. This is also how the internet hit of mixing orange juice with espresso came about. Sounds like it is an acquired taste, don’t you think? Maybe that’s why so many users are now trying out combining the healthy refreshing drink with a little caffeine kick.


Healthy, fresh and easy to prepare

We tried the new summer drink and used the following ingredients, which you can also order as a drink at our mobile coffee bars: Orange juice made from fresh oranges, espresso made from freshly ground Caferino espresso beans and ice cubes. That’s it! Put plenty of ice cubes in a slightly larger glass (like a latte macchiato glass) and fill it about three-quarters full with orange juice. Now pour the hot espresso shot into the yellow liquid. You can watch the two drinks slowly mix together. If the espresso has settled slightly on top, stir it with a spoon or a straw. Now you can enjoy your new creation.


What about the taste? – we rely on Coffee-Bike products

We all know that tastes are different. If you like to drink orange juice for breakfast and enjoy a cup of coffee at the same time, the taste of the blend will not be completely foreign to you. At the first sip, the acidity of the orange juice comes to the fore. Only afterwards you taste the strong aroma of the espresso. This 2-in-1 solution is a little strange at first, but quite refreshing. After all, you get a lot of vitamin C, folic acid and potassium from the orange juice and your daily dose of caffeine in one drink. But we can also understand that some users prefer to continue drinking their coffee and juice separately.

We like to experiment with coffee, which is why we recreate our seasonal specials every year. It was exciting to test orange juice and espresso as a mixed drink, but we still prefer our Summer Specials or just freshly squeezed orange juice and delicious espresso as a One Man Show. All coffee lovers who are looking for a tangy cooling drink that doesn’t involve milk will love our Lime Coffee Soda. Sparkling mineral water is topped with fresh lime syrup by the delightful aroma of our espresso beans. Check out our free Coffee Bike app to find a barista near you and try our two Summer Specials 2022 directly.


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