Coffee-Bike Summer Specials 2022

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Summer Specials Iced Fresh Strawberry Latte and Lime Coffee Soda on stone background with Coffee-Bike logo on bottom right side

Attention, not an April Fool’s joke! Even though we still see a snowy landscape when we look out of the window, we would like to introduce you to the Summer Specials 2022 in anticipation of the spring and summer months. After all, the clock is already showing summer time and we are ready for cool new drinks. This year, you can expect drink variations that will refresh you in the hot midday sun as well as on balmy late summer days.


Ice-cold taste sensations

Whether as ice cream, on a cake base or as a healthy snack at a picnic – the strawberry is not only versatile, but also one of the most popular fruits in summer. It goes without saying that this ingredient cannot be missing from a Coffee-Bike Summer Special. This is how the first new summer trend was born: the Iced Fresh Strawberry Latte. The combination of sweet strawberry syrup and refreshing mint syrup is reminiscent of a delicious cocktail. But to give you your caffeine kick in summer too, we combine the two flavours with strong espresso, delicious milk and plenty of ice. This way you can enjoy your fresh, fruity and summery coffee speciality.

If you prefer the opposite of sweet drinks, you’ll love our second creation. On hot summer days, the Lime Coffee Soda provides a tangy cooling effect that is as simple as it is ingenious. Coffee lovers will be won over by the special aroma of the espresso bean, which is combined with fresh lime syrup, sparkling mineral water and ice cubes. And as we all know, we should drink plenty of water in summer. No one said it couldn’t be included in a Coffee-Bike Summer Special 

The presentation of the Summer Specials has already transported you to your personal holiday paradise and you would like to try our new creations? Then search for a barista near you in the free Coffee-Bike app and experience a summery moment of pleasure. The Summer Specials are now available at all participating Coffee-Bikes.

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