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Welcome to the year 2024! A new year has dawned and that means it's time for fresh coffee trends. Anyone who thought it couldn't get any crazier after trends like bubble coffee or coffee beer is wrong. The new year inspires us with creative and bold coffee creations, new technologies for preparation and celebrates coffee enjoyment as a holistic lifestyle trend. We'll give you an insight and show you what to expect from your favourite drink in 2024.

Mushroom coffee

The combination of coffee and mushrooms is a trend for bold and experimental coffee lovers. Two combinations in particular stand out. Coffee in combination with Kombucha, also known as Coffbucha, results in a tangy, light coffee variation. The trendy drink not only has a stimulating effect, but is also said to improve intestinal function and activate the immune system by adding the Kombucha fungus. Kombucha is a fermented drink made by fermenting the Kombucha mushroom. The flavour is rather sweet and sour and therefore forms an interesting combination with the full-bodied coffee.

If you prefer a caffeine-free combination of coffee and mushrooms, the so-called Mushroom Latte is suitable for you. Vital mushrooms such as Chaga or Reishi are brewed in powdered form with decaffeinated coffee and then refined with various spices (e.g. cinnamon or ginger).

You will also find many unique coffee variations in the Coffee-Bike range. In addition to creative drinks such as the Black Forest Cherry Latte or the Mint Choc Latte, our baristas also regularly offer you seasonal specials with innovative creations based on current trends.

AI - Intelligent coffee

Artificial intelligence is finding its way into more and more areas of life. New technologies are also being used more and more in coffee preparation, enabling customised coffee enjoyment and revolutionising the preparation process. Intelligent coffee machines can recognise the user's taste and preferences, adapt the grinding and brewing process accordingly and thus ensure a tailor-made coffee experience. Even though AI offers new opportunities in many areas, we are interested but critical when it comes to this topic. After all, at Coffee-Bike, we live and breathe real experience gastronomy, which gets its charm in particular from the craftsmanship of our baristas.

However, if you want to control your coffee consumption more consciously, you can find innovative apps that show you your ideal amount of coffee per day. The recommendations are based on health data such as your sleep behaviour or physical activity.

Coffee as a lifestyle

Coffee is now more than just a wake-up call in the morning. A holistic lifestyle has developed around the enjoyment of coffee, which is not only expressed in the many different ways it is prepared, but also in the way you enjoy your favourite drink. There are numerous posts on social media showcasing creative latte art creations and aesthetically designed cafés. Much like fashion or jewellery, coffee and especially the place where you drink it has become an expression of your lifestyle.

You can also enjoy the coffee lifestyle to the full in 2024 at one of our numerous Coffee-Bikes. Let yourself be inspired by a variety of coffee creations, authentic barista craftsmanship and the unique ambience of our mobile coffee bar. You could also create great coffee moments for your customers yourself by becoming part of our Coffee-Bike family and launching your own coffee business in 2024.

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