An internationally successful concept – Interview with Coffee-Bike Bangalore, India

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Man from India standing in front of a Coffee-Bike

Our Coffee-Bikes are already on the road in 18 countries around the world and inspire a wide variety of cultures with the best coffee specialities and professional barista craftsmanship. This is also the case in Bangalore (India), where Vikas rides two Coffee-Bikes. We visited him and asked him why our franchise concept is so popular in India.

Coffee-Bike: Vikas, where are you operating your Coffee-Bikes?

Vikas: “My area is South Bangalore. Here, I am operating two Bikes in RMZ Ecoworld, Bangalore. It is a modern work space where a lot of international corporates have their offices. In this nice area, we offer our great coffee specialties to many workers and managers of different companies.”

Coffee-Bike: Why did you decide to have your own mobile café with Coffee-Bike?

Vikas: “Coffee is my passion. Already before starting with Coffee-Bike I liked to spend my time in cafés. This is how the idea of having my own café emerged. I have seen Coffee-Bike online and it directly caught me. I realized the opportunity of Coffee-Bike offering these nice bikes which are used to make awesome coffee. I liked the idea of being mobile with my own café. Also, Coffee-Bike is a good business because its scalable. You don’t have much fixed investments like a rent for a store. So, the investment is not as risky as for a local coffee shop.”

Coffee-Bike: How do the Indian customers like the Coffee-Bike?

Vikas: “Most of the reactions are positive for the coffee and the bike itself. My customers really like the beauty of the Coffee-Bike, its technology and the fact that it’s a complete coffee shop requiring such a small area. They like buying a good coffee at such an extraordinary mobile shop. Most of them ask me to take a picture of them in front of my bikes because it is such an eyecatcher they have never seen before. Also, Indians and internationally worker really like the taste of my coffee specialities. It’s a special taste for them even for coffee drinkers who buy their coffee regularly at other coffee chains.”

Coffee-Bike: Which customers do you target?

Vikas: “Both Coffee-Bikes are operating in corporate areas, so that it is obvious I am targeting the workers in these areas. However, I think the concept attracts many people from different layers and businesses.”

Coffee-Bike: What’s your vision of Coffee-Bike for the future?

Vikas: “It would be great to operate both bikes in my chosen area for a quite time and expand to the rest of Bangalore in the future with more Coffee-Bikes. My personal target is to sell good products to people to add a little joy with good quality coffee. This would be a pleasure for me.”

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