Coffee-Bike Amazing Places #4: Rheindeich

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A woman with a white blouse, red apron and black jacket stands next to the portafilter machine of a Coffee-Bike on a green lawn.

The mini break – Claudia Vishers and her Coffee-Bike on the banks of the Rhine

Seek and you shall find, whoever goes through life with this attitude, will always find something wonderful. In other words, sometimes the daily walk with the dog is enough inspiration to think up a new business idea. In Meerbusch, between the Rhine and the model airport, is Claudia Vishers Coffee-Bike. “I have always walked my dogs here. That is how I knew about this ideal location for coffee and more, direct on the banks of the Rhine, I have known it almost my whole life. There is no gastronomy anywhere near here.” After a long search, she came upon the perfect concept to fit this location. The Coffee-Bike is not only self-sufficient for outdoor locations, but also connects the two passions of the Meerbusch resident: coffee and nostalgia.

Since April 2017, the barista has been parked at the highly frequented location, where dog lovers from the whole area meet to walk the beautiful landscape or play and relax on the white sandy beach. Bike tours from Switzerland to Amsterdam ride by the Coffee-Bike as well as hiking groups. Whether with bicycle, motorcycle or car, those coming from the city seeking relaxation cannot avoid a little break with Claudia. “Here I am not only the Coffee-Bike with the best cappuccino or refreshing iced latte. Here, I am the mini break and when need be, the lost and found, listener and info point. With a delicious cup of coffee in one hand, a tasty muffin in the other and a view of the model airport is an event worth waiting for, for my customers.”

With the Coffee-Bike on the banks of the Rhine, Claudia made her dream of her own café come true. Through the mobility of the bike, she is also capable of offering coffee catering for city festivals, weddings and company events. This way, the coffee-biker provides the best proof that an idea paired with a little creativity, can produce something very big.

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