Frothing milk – Coffee-Bike compares cow's milk, soy milk and oat milk

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Pouring milk into a Coffee-Bike cup

Our baristas at the Coffee-Bike offer you numerous coffee specialities with milk or milk alternatives. Cappuccino or latte macchiato are among the classics and favourite drinks of our customers. But you can also be surprised by our specials such as the Black-Forest Cherry Latte, the Mint-Choc Latte or the Caramel-Choc Latte. But these drinks all have one thing in common: the milk foam has to be perfect!

But how do you make the milk foam so creamy and fluffy, but at the same time stable and dense? In this blog post, we will show you the differences between the milk foam of cow's milk, soy milk and oat milk.


Interesting facts about milk foam

In principle, both cow's milk and plant-based alternatives can be foamed. The higher the fat and protein content, the better the milk foam. In general, the fat content should be at least 3.5 %. It is also helpful if the milk or milk alternative is freshly cooled. It is best to use a milk jug or similar container to froth your milk. The optimum temperature for frothing milk is around 65 to 68 degrees.


The milk foam comparison

Cow's milk is particularly convincing when foamed as an UHT milk variant, as the foam is particularly creamy due to the high fat content and is very well suited for various latte art motifs. You can recognise foamed cow's milk externally by its shiny surface and fine-pored consistency, which is reminiscent of semi-whipped cream.

Soy milk is a popular vegan milk substitute and tastes mild to sweet. This plant-based alternative is super easy to froth, as soy is rich in fibre and consists of 36% protein. The milk foam is firm, stable and lasts forever. The fat content is slightly lower than that of cow's milk. However, in terms of frothing potential, soy milk is most comparable to cow's milk among milk alternatives. Latte art is also possible with this milk foam. You can find out how to perfect your latte art at home in this blog post.

Oat milk is a type of cereal milk and has a strong flavour of its own. When attempting to froth, practice makes perfect. If you add a little vegetable oil, the oat milk foams much better. Give it a try! Without additives, the milk foam is often a little porous. However, you can still enjoy the plant-based alternative in a cappuccino or latte macchiato.

And how do you prefer to drink your cappuccino? Order your favourite drink from a Coffee-Bike near you. Our Coffee-Bike app, which you can download for free, tells you which barista is currently active in your city.


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