Does coffee really wake you up? – Coffee-Bike explains the effect of caffeine

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“To wake up, I first need my two cups of coffee.” You’ve probably heard this sentence more than once on Monday mornings in the office. Maybe you’re also the person who sits yawning at the table, waiting for the caffeinated drink to finally kick in. But is it true – does coffee really wake you up? We investigated this question and report our findings in this blog post.


What actually is caffeine?

In its pure form, caffeine is a white, odourless powder. Chemists classify caffeine as an alkaloid. These are nitrogenous substances in food and luxury plants that are produced as an end product of plant metabolism. Various plants such as the coffee bush, the tea bush or the kola nut contain caffeine to protect themselves from pests and predators. So that you can enjoy your favourite coffee speciality at the Coffee-Bike, the coffee beans have come a long way. The caffeine is only released when the coffee beans are roasted. You can find our certified organic Caferino espresso and coffee beans in our online shop.


How does caffeine work?

When you concentrate and expend energy, a messenger substance called adenosine signals to your body that you are tired and exhausted. When you drink a caffeinated beverage, the caffeine is absorbed by your stomach and intestines within about half an hour and distributed through the bloodstream to the rest of your body. The caffeine molecules dock onto the adenosine receptors and override them so that the nerve cells continue to work as usual and don’t get tired. However, caffeine is usually not solely responsible for the state of alertness, but works together with other hormones and messenger substances such as the happiness hormone dopamine or the nerve-stimulating glutamic acid.

“Coffee no longer has any effect on me at all.” This sentence is also not uncommon, but still not necessarily true. Everyone has a different tolerance level for caffeine. How well caffeine works for you also depends on your daily condition. Don’t compare your coffee consumption with that of others, because everyone feels differently. But the following always applies: quality before quantity. Seven cups of brown liquid a day won’t make you more alert. Instead, enjoy one or two delicious coffee specialities made from high-quality beans. 

Our conclusion is: coffee is not only a stimulant, but first and foremost a pleasure. There are so many different and delicious coffee specialities that should be drunk because they taste good. They don’t always have to serve the purpose of counteracting tiredness. Next time you visit the Coffee-Bike, why not order a coffee speciality that you’ve never tried before? How about our new Winter Specials 2022, for example? Our baristas are looking forward to your visit!


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