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Coffee or tea – the decision is sometimes not so easy, especially since the image of both beverages could not be more different. Coffee sounds like caffeine – the no. 1 stimulant. Without it, one or the other of us would probably never take a step out of the house in the morning. Tea, on the other hand, is associated by many with peace and quiet and cosiness. The question which of the two drinks is the better one can lead to big discussions between tea gourmets and coffee enthusiasts. But nevertheless we dare to take a closer look and compare the two most popular hot drinks in the world.


How do coffee and tea affect you?

Is coffee really the one and only stimulant? Actually, that’s not quite true. Tea also has a lot to offer in terms of energy. Until now, we assumed that the stimulant in tea, the so-called teaine, is different from caffeine. But now we know that it is the same substance as in coffee. Nevertheless, the caffeine in tea has a completely different effect than in coffee. One reason for this is that the caffeine content of a tea leaf is lower than that of a coffee bean. In addition, the caffeine in tea is bound to tannins so that it can only be partially absorbed by the organism.

In fact, the impact of tea depends largely on its infusion time. If the tea is brewed for only a short time, fewer tannins can bind to the caffeine, which in turn can develop freely – the tea has an energizing effect. A longer infusion time, on the other hand, releases more tannins. These bind to the caffeine and reduce their effect – the tea has a calming effect. In summary, we can say that the caffeine contained in the tea does not have such a strong effect on the body, but over a longer period of time.

Unlike tea, coffee provides a quick energy kick – just the right thing if you can’t get out of bed in the morning or want to overcome the midday slump. Coffee takes effect after just a few minutes, as the caffeine it contains is absorbed directly into the bloodstream, where the stimulating hormone adrenaline is released. You can find more information about the caffeine content of different drinks in one of our latest blog posts.


Coffee or tea: which one is healthier?

Now that we have clarified how tea and coffee affect the body and mind, we will now look at which of the two drinks is actually the healthier one. Tea and coffee play an important role not only for us consumers, but also in research. There are numerous studies about the positive effects of these drinks on human health. For example, caffeine is said to have a preventive effect on Alzheimer’s disease. Coffee is said to protect the human organism against diabetes and gout. Studies have shown that more than 6 cups a day reduced the risk of gout by almost 60 percent. Black and green tea, on the other hand, are said to have a positive effect in the prevention of caries and rheumatism. Among other things, the fluoride contained in these teas stabilises the enamel.

Coffee or tea – both have their strengths. In the end it is and will probably remain a matter of taste. By the way, you can find really good coffee, which you are guaranteed not to do anything wrong with, in our online shop.

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