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A branded coffee cup stands in front of a small board, a wreath of olive leaves, a bottle and a glass of olive oil. Coffee beans lie next to it.

Coffee with oil, known as Oleato, is currently a hotly debated coffee trend. But what is this coffee variation all about and what effect does olive oil have in combination with coffee? We'll enlighten you and show you how you can easily make your own Oleato.


What is oleato?

At first, coffee with olive oil sounds a little strange and not exactly like a delicious version of your favourite drink. The name Oleato is derived from the Italian term "oliato" and means "oiled". During preparation, a tablespoon of high-quality, cold-pressed olive oil is added to the black coffee. The olive oil is intended to give the coffee a velvety-soft texture and a rich, slightly buttery flavour. If you like, you can also add milk or a plant-based milk alternative to the coffee.


What else you should know about the oily coffee trend

Olive oil is said to have a positive effect on health. Accordingly, there are of course also those who claim that Oleato has a similar effect. The unsaturated acids in olive oil protect against heart disease and lower blood pressure. Secondary plant substances and antioxidants also have an anti-inflammatory and cell-protecting effect.

Whether similar effects can be achieved with the Oleato has unfortunately not yet been proven. The trend is still quite new and there are therefore no scientific studies on this topic. However, there is not much to be said for it, as the heat at least destroys the important cell-protecting antioxidants.

One aspect that should definitely not be ignored, however, is the calorie content of the coffee variant. One tablespoon of oil contains around 120 kcal. This means that Oleato is not exactly a lightweight and should therefore not be consumed too often. If consumed in excess, olive oil can also have a laxative effect, which is another reason to consume it sparingly.

As always, it is up to you to decide whether Oleato coffee is a taste highlight or a superfluous coffee trend. In any case, the combination is exciting. If you fancy guaranteed delicious coffee with a velvety crema and full-bodied taste, you can find it at the Coffee-Bike at your trusted barista.

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