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The caffeine content and the stimulating effect it has is for many people the main reason for their daily coffee consumption. But what exactly is caffeine? What does it do to us and how much of it is contained in a cup of coffee?

Caffeine is a natural chemical compound that is not only found in the coffee bean. Cocoa beans, tea leaves, guarana berries and cola nuts also contain caffeine. Caffeine has a long history and can be found in many foods today, including baked goods, ice cream, sweets and cola drinks.


Natural stimulant caffeine

In the human body, the effects of caffeine begin about 30 minutes after consumption and sometimes last up to 4 hours. First and foremost, the chemical compound makes us feel more alert and concentrated. The pulse accelerates, the blood vessels in the back narrow and the oxygen supply to the muscles increases. Did you know that regular caffeine consumption has an habituation effect? This causes the desired effects to be less noticeable with regular consumption.


Caffeine content of various beverages

But how much caffeine is contained in coffee? First of all, a quick note: the European Food Safety Authority has estimated that 400 mg per day is safe for healthy adults.

As you can see, the caffeine content of the different drinks sometimes differs significantly from each other and even decaffeinated coffee is in reality not completely free of the stimulant. So, if you stop by the Coffee-Bike of your choice again, enjoy one of our delicious coffee specialties and enjoy the positive effects of caffeine. You can find your nearest bike either in the Coffee-Bike App (available free of charge at the Apple App Store and Google Play) or directly here.

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