Coffee-Bike franchise: What exactly is franchising?

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Franchise or franchising – we have all certainly heard these words before. When it comes to the Coffee-Bike, there is no getting around these terms. But what exactly do they mean and what does a franchising system have to do with the topic of self-employment? We would like to explain this to you using the example of our Coffee-Bike franchise system.

First of all, the definition of franchise/franchising: The term franchising means as much as granting the right of use. In concrete terms, it means that the franchisee – in our case the Coffee-Biker – is given the opportunity to use the brand and know-how of a franchise system (in this case Coffee-Bike) for a fee. The franchisee and the franchisor enter into a contractual partnership, which is associated with certain obligations and rules but also many advantages for both parties.

The beginnings of franchising/franchising date back to the Middle Ages and originate from feudal France. It is since the 19th century that the term has been used within the framework of the now common definition. Today, franchising is considered one of the most successful marketing concepts in the world.


The advantages of the Coffee-Bike franchise system

Coffee-Bike has grown into a worldwide franchise community with numerous partners in currently 17 countries. The franchising system offers franchisees the opportunity to fulfill their dream of independence and at the same time to benefit from the advantages of an already well-proven system, such as:

  • No monthly fixed franchise fee
  • A low investment volume
  • Mobility & Flexibility
  • A strong brand in the background
  • Entrepreneurial freedoms, e.g. in pricing


The advantages of the franchise partnership are therefore obvious. The franchisee gets the opportunity to use a business concept that has already been tested and developed many times. This not only accelerates market entry, but also considerably reduces the risk that normally burdens the founder of a new business when he is self-employed. By the way, the current trend in the franchising sector is towards the multi-unit entrepreneur. We also actively support our franchise partners in this area and have already been able to accompany some on their way to becoming successful multi-bikers.

If you would like to finally live the dream of independence and become part of the Coffee-Bike community, then you should register here for one of our Discovery Days.


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