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You get up in the morning, the scent of freshly brewed coffee wafts into your nose and you enjoy the first sip of your favorite hot beverage. Hopefully, your start into the day looks like this or something similar. Surely the leftover coffee grounds end up directly in the garbage can. But that doesn't have to be the case. Coffee grounds are a real all-rounder and a useful helper for various problems in the house and garden.

Coffee grounds in the garden as a natural fertilizer

One of the best-known uses for coffee grounds is as a natural plant fertilizer. Coffee grounds contain a number of beneficial nutrients such as potassium, phosphorus, calcium, and nitrogen that stimulate plant growth and help the garden flourish. Balcony and garden plants that prefer acidic soil, such as hydrangeas or geraniums, are particularly pleased with the coffee grounds. But also vegetable and fruit plants such as tomatoes, zucchini or blueberries love the dried powder.

Coffee grounds as pest control and insect repellent

Where there is a garden, there are usually also unloved insects and plant pests not far. Here, too, coffee grounds can provide a quick and inexpensive remedy. The diterpenes and caffeine contained in coffee keep away pests such as fruit flies, snails and beetles. For this, it is enough to sprinkle a ring of dried coffee grounds around the plant.

Coffee grounds can also help against the wasps and mosquitoes that are so annoying in the summer. To do this, you need to light 3-4 tablespoons in a fireproof bowl. The coffee grounds will smolder and drive away the little animals with the resulting smell and smoke.

Coffee grounds in the house: against bad smells

Coffee grounds are wonderful for neutralizing unpleasant odors in the home (e.g. in the refrigerator, car or toilet). Fill the powder into a bowl or a linen bag and place it where the smell originates. This is bound by the coffee grounds quickly and reliably.

You can also combat annoying perspiration odor in shoes with coffee grounds. A little coffee grounds sprinkled overnight in the shoe and the smell is gone the next morning.

Coffee grounds as a cleaning agent

Coffee grounds are a natural substitute for scouring cream. The small coffee granules reliably loosen incrustations in sinks, pans or the burnt-in grill grate. In addition, coffee grounds have an antibacterial effect. Simply apply with a sponge and then rinse thoroughly.

Predicting the future with coffee grounds

Finally, we would like to introduce you to a rather unusual use for coffee grounds. Supposedly, the black powder can be used to predict the future. Even as a layman this is possible. Put the still wet coffee grounds into a cup and turn it upside down on a saucer. The shapes that are now formed are supposed to tell you the future. We don't want to delve too deeply into this subject, because you certainly shouldn't take the symbols from the cup too seriously.

However, the following is said: If there is little coffee grounds on the bottom of the cup after turning it upside down, it speaks for a healthy soul and a happy disposition. If the bottom of the cup is dark there is presumably something that is depressing the person or weighing on their soul.

As you can see, coffee grounds do not deserve their place in the trash can, but are a sustainable and, above all, inexpensive everyday helper. Try it out and see for yourself how versatile it can be. You can find more exciting articles about coffee knowledge on our blog. And if you'd rather enjoy the coffee than the coffee grounds, you'll find our in-house brand Caferino in our online shop for your perfect coffee moment.

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