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Our goal at Coffee-Bike GmbH is to treat people with delicious coffee specialities, but we also want to help those who cherish the dream of self-employment to realise it together with us. As a Coffee-Bike franchise partner, you have a strong team behind you that works with you on your success and supports you in building your business. But why should you actually become a franchisee and what qualities do you need to bring with you to become successful with your own rolling café?


The mobile coffee bar - an established business model

The biggest advantage of becoming a franchisee is that you get access to an already established business model. The decision to start your own business always involves a certain amount of risk and uncertainty. As an independent franchisee, this risk is significantly reduced. As a Coffee-Bike partner, you benefit from our know-how and experience. Because numerous franchise partners before you have already built up a successful business with us.


Many founders are quite overwhelmed at first, and that's no wonder. There is so much to do and so much to consider that it is easy to lose track of everything or get unnecessarily entangled in details. Whether it's equipment, branding, supplier relations or technical knowledge - the list of topics related to setting up a business seems endless. As a Coffee-Bike franchise partner, you don't have to worry about these topics, because the specialised staff at the system headquarters will support you in all areas. From the creation of marketing materials to contracting catering services and technical support - they've got your back, so you can devote yourself completely to the core of your business: offering really good and delicious coffee specialities.


The characteristics of a franchisee

With an experienced franchisor at your side, the foundation for your business is laid. But what qualities do you need to be successful as a franchisee? All our Coffee-Bike partners have one thing in common, namely a love of their craft. If you are ambitious and want to inspire customers with your coffee specialities, then this is already the most important prerequisite for your success. In addition, it is of course an advantage to have a certain understanding of the franchise concept and the management of a company. Don't worry, you will soon realise that as an independent Coffee-Biker you will grow with your tasks and experiences and, with our support, you will also successfully master any challenges.


A few steps to self-employment

If your interest is now piqued, you are a real team player and would like to learn more about a Coffee-Bike franchise partnership, you can request our information package free of charge and without obligation on our website and then take part in a free online webinar. We will accompany you on your way to success right from the start.

Become a self-employed Coffee-Biker

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