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Have you already written your wish list? You’ve probably already thought about what you want to give your friends and family. In our Coffee-Bike Online Shop you’ll find inspiration and gift ideas for real coffee lovers. We’ll show you which products you’ll find in our shop in this blog post.


Aroma for your home – Caferino beans

You and your coffee buddy don’t have a Coffee-Bike near you at the moment and you have to do without your delicious coffee speciality? In this case, we offer just the right gift in our shop. Just give your friend our Caferino tasting package for Christmas. With our certified organic Caferino espresso and coffee beans, you can bring that Coffee-Bike feeling home. If the presentee only drinks coffee, you can of course give them a single packet of the Arabica coffee beans as a little surprise. We also offer the espresso beans as a separate package, consisting of a blend of 30% spicy Robusta beans and 70% fruity Arabica beans. Not only will you be making your friends happy, but you will also be supporting the aid organisation terre des hommes – Hilfe für Kinder by donating 10 cents per espresso pack sold to them.


Sustainable gift ideas – reusable cups and mugs

Coffee to go in a reusable cup can now also be ordered from our bikes. Having your own reusable cup in the household is a must-have for every coffeelover. Our Coffee-Bike reusable cup stands out from other to-go cups with its usual minimalist design and impresses with its high quality. A great gift for young and old! If you’re still looking for a nice porcelain set, you’ll also find it here in the shop. Our Coffee-Bike cups are branded on the inside and outside and are dishwasher safe. You have the choice between espresso cups (60ml), cappuccino cups (200ml) and milk coffee cups (260ml). Our milk and espresso pots are perfect for the professional preparation of the finest latte drinks. Which member of the family will be most pleased with new utensils for the barista art? 

In our shop you can also find other merchandise items such as jute bags. Would you prefer to give beans and cups as gifts? Then take a look at the coffee gift box or the espresso gift box. Have fun browsing and finding the best gifts for your loved ones!

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