Coffee-Bike amazing places #3: Burj Khalifa

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A Coffee-Bike stands in front of the Burj Khalifa.

Where record setting is normal: Coffee-Bike Dubai doubles its fleet

Dubai – an astonishing city, that writes its own record-setting history. There are few cities that have made it as often into the Guinness Book of World Records as Dubai. The metropolis in the Persian Gulf is the worldwide fastest growing city, home of the largest airport, the highest buildings and the biggest shopping mall. Next to the hallmark 828-meter-high Burj Khalifa tower, is also the Burj al-Arab, the most expensive and exclusive hotel in the world. Here, at the foot of these imposing buildings, Jassem Alfahim is writing his own success story.

Starting in April 2017 with three Bikes, he doubled his business with three additional bikes in less than a year. “In addition to the bikes established in Zabeel Park and in front of a government building, we will place two more bikes in a metro station and in front of another government organization. Two of the six Bikes we will exclusively use for events,” says Alfahim. With such rapid development, Dubai can soon look forward to a record Made in Germany.

Wondering how the Coffee-Bike make it to Dubai? We aren’t surprised! The Arabic-originating beans met the right connoisseur, for whom coffee is more than just a drink. There, coffee drinking represents a meaningful ceremony as well as a certain attitude towards life, that the Coffee-Bike serves, too. From Düsseldorf to Dubai – great coffee reaches everywhere! Together we will bring the Coffee-Bike to your country 

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