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Two men stand in front of the Coffee-Bike with a cup in their hands and a woman stands at the lever of the portafilter machine behind the Coffee-Bike

Gate to the world – Andreas Ebenberger and the Coffee-Bike at Hamburg Airport

Tourist, returning vacationer or businessman, Andreas Ebenberger and his team has had them all at his Coffee-Bike.  You can find him placed prominently by the arriving flights at the Hamburg Airport 365 days of the year, so it is not surprising that his Coffee bike is so popular. After all, waiting for your luggage does not seem so bad with a delicious cup of coffee in your hand… A classic win-win situation!

After a long search for an indoor location for his Coffee-Bike, Andreas discovered the potential of the airport in 2017.  Airports have plenty of culinary options and the competition is always intense. But unlike other gastronomies, the Coffee-Bike stands directly by the arrival area. By doing so, Andreas sells our coffee specialities exactly where caffeine is in extra demand. Which makes sense since waiting for luggage is always a patience game that feels more like watching everyone else’s suitcase go round and round.

It quickly became clear that Hamburg Airport did not only provide business advantages, but personal ones as well. The location is unaffected by weather conditions, has steady foot traffic and is open year-around, in addition to being a great place to make new connections. The internationality of his surroundings make Andreas’ days anything but ordinary. It is an extra bonus that Andreas spent a long time abroad himself. His exchanges with Spanish-speaking customers from South America for example, is a great change of pace for the Coffee-Biker.

Customers from all over the world meet at the Coffee-Bike in the Hamburg Airport. This trend is a successful and happy one for Andreas, and the Coffee-Bike company itself, as it mirrors the idea of our Coffee-Bike perfectly.

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