Coffee-Bike All-Stars: Winter Specials 2023/24

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Winter Specials Nutcracker Macchiato and Vanilla Winter Dream on stone background with Coffee-Bike logo on bottom right side

Fortunately, the snowflakes are not yet quietly falling from the sky, but the first leaves are already falling from the trees. Autumn is just around the corner. For us, that means putting the ice cubes back in the freezer and getting out the cinnamon and hazelnuts instead. That can only mean it's time for the Winter Specials 2023.

For 5 years now, we have been presenting you with new tempting creations every winter for your ultimate coffee enjoyment in the cold season. We have taken this small anniversary as an opportunity to give you the chance to enjoy your favourite specials of the last 5 years once again in winter 2023. Look forward to a reunion with well-known and much-loved coffee specialities that are sure to sweeten your winter.


The comeback of winter favourites

It's already been three whole winters since our first Winter Special accompanied you through the cold months. The Nutcracker Macchiato is the liquid counterpart to a cosy evening by the fire with friends and family. It delights with its base of strong espresso and delicate milk foam, paired with the seductive flavours of hazelnut and caramel and a fine hint of chocolate. Doesn't that just sound dreamy?

Our second Winter Special is also an old acquaintance. The Vanilla Winter Dream actually gives it away with its name. This hot favourite is a dream of vanilla, almond and cinnamon, and its fine nuances of flavour are reminiscent of our favourite Christmas biscuit – Vanille Kipferl. In combination with aromatic espresso and creamy milk foam, the Vanilla Winter Dream is guaranteed to provide many feel-good moments during the cold months.

As usual, you can find our Winter Specials 2023 at all participating Coffee-Bikes from 1st October. Let yourself be enchanted by the winter coffee specialities. On our website you will find an overview of all Coffee-Bikes in your area.

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