The grind: what matters in coffee preparation

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A left hand holds the portafilter under the grinder from which comes ground coffee powder

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The Coffee-Bike is equipped with a grinder and a portafilter machine so that the baristas can freshly grind the Caferino beans and prepare the coffee professionally. To achieve a certain coffee aroma, not only the quality and degree of roasting of the beans is important, but also the degree of grinding. Never heard of it? We’ll change that with this blog post.


What is the grind?

Basically, the grind is a setting that determines how coarse or fine the coffee beans are ground. If you look for the division coarse, medium or fine on an electric coffee grinder, you probably won’t find it, because there are usually numbers from one to ten. With higher-quality models, there is even the option of dividing the levels even further. For example, the coarse grind level indicates table salt to coarse grind. At the medium level, you can choose between fine sand and fine sugar, and at the fine level between fine house dust and fine flour. If, like our Coffee-Bikers, you use a portafilter, you should select the medium to fine grind.


Why is the grind relevant?

Simply: so that the coffee tastes good! In fact, the grind is an important factor for extraction. This refers to the extraction of the aroma and flavour substances from the coffee powder during the brewing process. You can remember that the extraction time always depends on the grind. This means: the shorter the extraction time, the finer the grind.

If the coffee is very dark and tastes bitter, it is usually because the extraction time was too long for the fine grind. The technical term for this is over-extraction. The exact opposite is under-extraction, where the coffee looks very watery and light. By the way, the extraction time for an espresso from a portafilter is between 25 and 30 seconds.

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