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One hand holds the portafilter with ground coffee in front of the grinder

Coffee from A to Z, that's what we promised you in the first part of the Coffee-Bike ABCs. Therefore, here comes the second part of our coffee alphabet. Starting with N for news and ending with Z for zoo, you will once again learn many exciting facts about coffee and Coffee-Bike in this article.



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In fact, everyone knows coffee. But where does the coffee plant actually come from and who came up with the idea of brewing it as a beverage with hot water? The plant genus coffea comes from tropical Africa and most likely originated in the Ethiopian highlands, where it was discovered in the 9th century. However, coffee as we know it today was probably first prepared in the 15th century on the Arabian Peninsula. The coffee bean quickly conquered the whole world, so that nowadays most coffee beans are actually harvested not in Africa, but in Brazil and Vietnam.


Professional barista craft

We already talked about the barista in Part 1. Now we want to go into more detail about the craft of making coffee. A good barista is not only able to brew a tasty coffee. He combines art and craft together and is able to create small works of art with milk foam and coffee, which are actually way too good to drink. The barista works with dedication, coffee is his passion and his purpose in life. Only those who work with passion can also create a good product and delight the customers' taste buds. Do you feel addressed? Then get more information about your own business as a Coffee-Bike barista on our website now.



To prepare good coffee, the right quality is the be-all and end-all. This already starts with the selection of the right bean, extends to the type of preparation and the choice of the right equipment. For more than 10 years, Coffee-Bike stands for coffee and coffee catering in top quality. Our credo is to inspire our customers every day anew and to convince them of us and our products.



Next to Arabica coffee, Robusta is the second most important coffee variety worldwide. The plant species was discovered in the Congo at the end of the 19th century, but it is believed that Robusta coffee has been around for about 100,000 years. Unlike Arabica, Robusta is less sensitive to disease and environmental conditions. The flavor of Robusta coffee is often described as earthy to woody. Due to its strong flavor, Robusta coffee is primarily used for the preparation of espresso. Our Caferino Espresso in organic quality therefore also consists of 30% Robusta.



Sustainability is a big concept that runs through every aspect of our daily lives. At Coffee-Bike, we also place a high value on sustainability. This is reflected in many areas of our business. Back in 2019, we declared war on plastic and banned any plastic straws from our bikes, replacing them with a compostable alternative. In October 2021, we introduced a reusable cup deposit system on our bikes, giving you the opportunity to join us in reducing waste. These are just a few examples of our sustainability efforts. Every day, we at Coffee-Bike GmbH are working to become even more environmentally and climate friendly and to make our contribution to a better future for us all.



The tamper is an important accessory of the hand lever portafilter machine as well. A tamper is a kind of stamp that presses the coffee grounds together in the portafilter under pressure. This step may seem trivial, but it is necessary so that the coffee grounds are evenly distributed in the portafilter. Without the use of a tamper, the espresso would be rather watery and tasteless.



What makes the Coffee-Bike concept so unique? Unlike other franchise concepts, with us it is already possible to make the dream of your own business come true with a small investment. With a Coffee-Bike, you have a strong brand behind you, benefit from our know-how, and still have maximum flexibility. You want to carry out many caterings with the bike or prefer to inspire your customers at a fixed location? With us it is possible and we will help you to make your vision come true. You can find more information about the Coffee-Bike franchise concept on our website.



It is hard for people to imagine that a "small coffee shop" like Coffee-Bike can offer a large product portfolio. In fact, the Coffee-Bike offers a variety that can easily compete with those of well-known coffee shops. We don't just offer the classics like cappuccino or latte macchiato. We also offer unique coffee moments with specials such as our tempting Blackforest-Cherry Latte or the refreshing Mint-Choc Latte. But that's not all, in addition to our core assortment, we regularly pimp our selection with seasonal specials. And at this point you should pay close attention, because soon it will be time for our brand new Summer Specials 2023. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to be the first to know.


Winter Specials

There is nothing better than a hot delicious drink on cold winter days. Don't worry, we're looking forward to spring too, of course, but we'll miss our Winter Specials a bit. We hope the Marzipan Choc Latte and the Vanilla Winter Dream have also sweetened the past months for you. Soon both will have to make way for our fresh and cool Summer Specials. But that's no reason to be sad. We promise not to let you down next winter and to enchant you with new hot creations.



You may know Xing as a classic business networking platform. But did you know that you can also follow companies there in order to actively inform yourself about current news and the company's day-to-day business? We at Coffee-Bike GmbH also regularly publish news and articles about our company, our products and services, and coffee in general on our profile. Just follow us on Xing and have our posts displayed in your newsfeed.



Maybe you're wondering what YouTube has to do with coffee and Coffee-Bike? On YouTube you will find an almost endless selection of videos on a wide variety of topics. How do you make a latte art heart? How do you start your own business? What defines a franchise partnership? There is interesting information and tutorials on all these topics on the well-known video platform. You can also find a selection of videos with impressions and information about franchising and everyday life as a Coffee-Bike franchise partner on our own YouTube channel.



Perhaps you have already encountered the Coffee-Bike while strolling in the city center, walking in the park or on a Sunday excursion with the family to the zoo. We are pleased that we can name so many great fixed sales locations for our Coffee-Bike. And let's face it, after a day at the zoo with the kids, everyone can use a good coffee, and when the little ones get a hot chocolate, everyone is happy. If you want to learn more about our permanent sales locations, just browse through our blog. There you will find many examples.

Now you are well informed and can shine with your coffee knowledge in front of family and friends. If you have the capacity for even more information and interesting articles from the world of Coffee-Bike, then just browse through our blog.

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