Coffee-Bike amazing places #7: Experiences of a Berlin biker

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Man with Coffee-Bike jacket leans against the transport box of a Coffee-Bike.

Berlin – when you hear this name, most people first think of the numerous sights, such as the Brandenburg Gate or the Reichstag, as well as the rich variety of bars, restaurants and cafés. To stand out from the crowd sounds difficult but is not impossible as our Coffee-Bike success story shows today.


Enjoy coffee and watch polar bears

“Who can claim to make customers happy in the morning with the finest coffee specialities and see the polar bears playing in the background? Magnus Rinnebach is fortunate to be able to claim this for himself, as his mobile coffee bar is currently located in Europe’s largest zoo – Tierpark Berlin. In today’s blog post, he reports on his experiences as a Coffee-Bike franchise partner and how he came to his unique location.

Magnus Rinnebach has been a Coffee-Bike Franchisepartner for 2 years now: “At the beginning of 2017 I was faced with the decision to make a professional change, to do something I enjoy, and then also to do justice to my personal affinity to coffee. Magnus decided on a franchise partnership with Coffee-Bike and hasn’t regretted his decision a single day since. In the meantime, he can regularly welcome happy customers to his Coffee-Bike. He quickly built up a regular clientele in Berlin’s Tierpark, who would not want to miss him or the good coffee on his Coffee-Bike anymore.


A location with potential

The zoo attracts around 1.5 million visitors annually and is therefore an ideal location to get off to a good start with a Coffee-Bike business. The self-sufficient mode of operation of the Coffee-Bike makes it possible. The bike is not only mobile but can also be operated for many hours without an external power and water supply. This special feature enables the barista to act flexibly on the premises and react to customer flows. Special highlights such as feedings, where the guests of the zoo stay in one place, boost coffee sales additionally. But how do you get such a location? Magnus Rinnebach tells of his experience: “This was made possible by the energetic support of the franchise headquarters, which efficiently conducted the contract negotiations with its know-how”.


Continuous advice and support

We at the Osnabrück headquarters support our partners in all aspects of the Coffee-Bike business. Starting with the technical service over the support with financing questions up to the switching of coffee catering over the company-internal portal. This broad portfolio of services also includes support in the search for a suitable location. To date, we have been able to conduct numerous negotiations with decision-makers at attractive locations for our partners in order to pass them on.

If you would like to write your own success story with Coffee-Bike, then visit one of our information days. There you can not only enjoy coffee specialities fresh from the bike, but also get lots of information about starting your own business with a Coffee-Bike. You can find the dates here.

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