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Many of Coffee-Bike’s current franchisees came to us with a dream, stating “I’ve always wanted to open my café.” We’ve learned over the years that it is an extremely common desire for many budding entrepreneurs. The sticking point? Not everyone has in the region of £100,000 to get a leasehold, buy machinery, pay staff, purchase stock etc… It’s just not affordable to the masses.  


About Coffee-Bike 

Coffee-Bike is the UK’s leading mobile coffee franchise serving artisan quality coffee, not just on the high-street! Operating within 13 different countries with over 250 Coffee-Bike’s globally, we are a proven international concept and now taking the UK by storm by rolling into locations such as Gatwick Airport & St. Paul’s Cathedral to name a couple. What allows Coffee-Bike to operate in such locations? Mobility & Flexibility.  


Why Coffee-Bike over a high-street coffee shop or café? 

1.) Investment: With capital at risk, entrepreneurs are always looking to keep the investment as low as possible. However, when opening a high-street coffee store, you can easily spend upwards of £100,000 which makes this unrealistic for many. Compare this with Coffee-Bike… our rental model starts at just a fraction of the price (and we mean a fraction), plus you WON’T be worrying about any overheads such as purchasing equipment, undertaking training etc. We provide you with the lot! 

2.) Mobility & Flexibility: As we’ve just mentioned above… mobility & flexibility gives us unique value. Imagine you’ve made your large investment to open a coffee store, but your location isn’t working out. For example, this could be due to changes in footfall or if you’re unable to steal loyal customers from other stores. Coffee-Bike offers mobility & flexibility to minimize your risk. This enables you to move from location to location to supply demand, not to mention you could work at a permanent pitch during the week whilst taking advantage of lucrative events & caterings during the weekend!   

Some common quotes: 

“I’ve never run my own business before… How do I start?” 

“I’ve never made a coffee using a portafilter machine” 

“I’m scared I don’t have the necessary experience…” 

You guessed it… We’ve got you covered! Coffee-Bike provide the necessary support that is applicable to those who are stepping into entrepreneurship for the first time. You’ll receive expert training at our Head Office, which will supply you with the barista skills to produce the perfect cappuccino and other drink specialties! 

Here, you will also meet our founders and undertake strategic planning and sales training. Besides your training at our Coffee-Bike Academy, we offer our own personal consultant (accessible daily), expert marketing support, an extensive operating manual, as well as an efficient supply chain for all your stock & deliveries. 

“How can I learn more?” 

If you’re interested in turning your dream into a reality, then we’d first ask you to download our brochure by filling in a few details. Simply click ‘Get Started Now’ below to do so (Don’t worry… we won’t be hounding you 24/7 on the phones). Once you’ve given this the read over and is a business opportunity you’d like to pursue, then we’d like to invite you to join a LIVE discovery webinar which will cover the topics below: 

1.) Coffee-Bike History 

2.) The Coffee-Bike in action 

3.) Investment details & ROI 

4.) Revenue Sources 

Plus, there will be time for a Q&A.  

If none of the available upcoming dates / times work for you, then you can schedule a quick 30-minute call with our Sales Manager who will take any questions and provide all the key information surrounding our franchise. 

We look forward to hearing from you soon. 

The Coffee-Bike Team 

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