Coffee beans
Coffee beans

Coffee with salt – taste experience or taste horror?

16. June 2020

Coffee with salt? This may sound a little strange at first. In fact, more and more studies and reports are appearing that a pinch of salt in coffee can do wonders.

Does the coffee taste too bitter for you sometimes or does the morning drink with milk and sugar not suit you so well? Then a pinch of salt can perhaps work wonders. It is said that salt is supposed to soften the sourish-bitter taste of coffee. Many of us know the effect of salt in that it enhances other tastes such as sweet, sour or umami. However, when it comes to the bitter taste, it has exactly the opposite effect and “overrides” it by neutralising the bitter substances. In addition, it is also effective against unpleasant acids, which occur in coffee, especially in combination with milk. These are masked by the salt in the taste.

Why does the coffee taste bitter?

But why can it happen that your beloved coffee suddenly tastes bitter? This can have various causes:

  • Caffeine: The higher the caffeine content in coffee, the more the bitter taste is pronounced.
  • Lime: Lime deposits in the machine can also change the taste.
  • Degree of roasting: The darker a bean is, the more bitter it usually is. Lighter beans, on the other hand, contain more acid.
  • Degree of grinding: Very finely ground coffee has a larger surface area, which is why more bitter substances can be dissolved by the water.

Speaking of grind: Did you know that we always grind our beans fresh in our grind-on-demand grinder on the coffee bike before we prepare your favourite coffee speciality?

How much salt should it be?

To refine your coffee with salt, there are several possibilities. The easiest is to replace milk and sugar with a pinch of salt. Milk and sugar with their sweetness should balance the bitter taste of the coffee. Unfortunately, this also masks the fine aromas of the coffee. Salt, on the other hand, enhances exactly these aromas and eliminates the bitter taste. However, even a small amount is sufficient to achieve the desired result.

If you are curious now, try it yourself next time. By the way, you can get really good coffee at our Coffee-Bikes and for your enjoyment at home in our Coffee-Bike Shop.

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