The Coffee-Bike is the mobile coffee solution for businesses and companies. Thanks to the mobility of our coffee bar, we can provide professional catering for employees, visitors and guests at almost any location – even where stationary catering has reached its limits.

In keeping with the shop-within-a-shop principle, we now cooperate with large companies from various sectors and inspire as a premium coffee supplier e.g., in hospitals, zoos or in office buildings, retail outlets and at tourist hot spots. Here you will find all the important information:

1.Where can I set up the Coffee-Bike as a mobile coffee solution?

Due to the mobility of our mobile coffee bar, the Coffee-Bike can be used flexibly. The bike can be set up and dismantled within a few minutes. This means that our Coffee-Bike can be permanently placed on a permanent pitch or temporarily set up in various locations to respond to individual company concepts.

Think, for example, of a Coffee-Bike in the hotel lobby or in the reception hall of a hospital, where both staff and visitors can enjoy their favourite coffee specialities. In a zoo or animal park, the barista changes the sales area at feeding times at various enclosures. Thereby waiting times are optimally embellished for young and old with delicious coffee and drinks. There are no limits to the possibilities with our mobile coffee solution.

2.What advantages does the bike offer over a café?

In addition to the mobility of the Coffee-Bike, our coffee is particularly the most important advantage for businesses from various sectors. After all, the Coffee-Bike is a cargo bike with professional technology that convinces with the entire product portfolio of a classic coffee shop.

The mobile coffee bar can be placed indoors and outdoors all year round. Our bike only requires a 230 V socket indoors and can be operated 100% self-sufficiently outdoors without an additional water or electricity connection. This mode of operation in turn opens the possibility for various business concepts to offer the finest coffee specialities at unusual locations. Our Coffee-Bikes are used, for example, at golf courses or camping sites as well as along hiking trails with tourist attractions.

3.How much space does the mobile coffee bar need?

With only about 6 square metres of floor space required for the coffee cart and a barista, the Coffee-Bike is the coffee solution for businesses and companies where a classic catering offer is not applicable purely for reasons of space.

4.Do I have to operate the Coffee-Bike myself?

Since 2011, we have built up the initial idea of a mobile coffee bar into a successful franchise concept. With around 250 bikes, we have a large entrepreneurial network that we are constantly expanding.

In this way, you yourself have the choice: Do you want to purchase the Coffee-Bike yourself and operate it as a mobile coffee solution in your already established business context? Or do you want to rely on the know-how of a franchise partner? Then we will be happy to accept your offer and give it into our system.

Every Coffee-Biker receives several days of technical and barista training at our location in Osnabrück, Germany. So, with either option, you can be sure that our Coffee-Bike Academy will produce a fully-fledged Coffee-Bike Barista. No matter whether, in your case, that will be yourself, an employee or a franchise partner.

5.What coffee specialities do you offer to my staff, guests and visitors?

The coffee specialities are prepared at our mobile coffee bar in front of our guests. For this purpose, we use a Grind on Demand grinder as well as a hand lever portafilter machine specially developed for the Coffee-Bike. Each bean of our own house brand Caferino is freshly ground and prepared into delicious Coffee Classics or creative Coffee Specials.

In addition to the classic espresso and cappuccino, our core range also includes three delicious latte macchiato specials: the Mint-Choc Latte, the Caramel-Choc Latte and the Blackforest-Cherry Latte. We also offer caffeine-free drinks in the form of selected teas, chai lattes or hot chocolate for the little Coffee-Bike fans. You can find an overview of our products here.

If your sales location requires special products or if you would like to add certain snacks or products to our range, we would be happy to offer you a personal consultation. Please contact us by e-mail.

6.Can we set up a test phase for coffee supply with the Coffee-Bike?

As an alternative to fixed sales locations, we also offer a mobile coffee catering service with the Coffee-Bike. We would be happy to set up a Coffee-Bike on your premises for a few hours to test how your target group accepts our coffee trolley. The possibilities range from classic catering for employees to promotion campaigns with walk-in customers to coffee catering as a highlight at the next company party. Our catering department will be happy to advise you.

7.I have a sales location and am looking for a mobile coffee solution – how do we get in touch?

We are sure that the Coffee-Bike is the perfect coffee caterer for your business. The unique design, innovative technology and high-quality products will convince almost any target group you want to reach with delicious coffee specialities.

Now all you have to do is tell us about your business concept and send us a non-binding cooperation request by e-mail. We look forward to hearing from you.


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