Coffee beans
Coffee beans

It’s about the inner values – The difference between Arabica and Robusta

19. October 2018

From mild to full-bodied, nutty or sweet with caramel or chocolate – there are many ways to describe coffee aromas. Of course, our favourite taste depends on our personal preferences. There are people who prefer a strong taste in the morning, others prefer to start the day slowly while drinking mild coffee.

Sensitive Arabica vs. strong Robusta – our mobile coffee shop meets every taste

The two most important players in the coffee industry are Arabica and Robusta beans. They are different in terms of taste, but also in appearance and origin. While Arabica plants were discovered in Ethiopia, Robusta plants were originated in Congo.

Many people do not even know that coffee is a fruit. Therefore, the taste depends on where the beans of the coffee plant grow and how they mature. To reach the perfect aroma, the two sensitive coffee plants need a lot of water and as little sunlight as possible. However, the differences between Arabica and Robusta are quite clear:

Arabica grows best:

  • Prefers an altitude of 600-1000 meters
  • Prefers a temperature between 15 and 25 degrees
  • Consist of a high sugar and oil content
  • Looks like a large bean in oval shape

Robusta grows best:

  • Prefers an altitude of 300-600 meters
  • Prefers a temperature of 20 to 36 degrees
  • Resist climatic conditions and pests
  • Looks like a small bean in round shape

Perfect coffee enjoyment with Coffee-Bike

Quality and taste of our coffee shall be as high and best as possible. All espresso and coffee beans are refined at low temperatures and long roasting times to emphasise the character of each individual bean. The secret of our espresso beans lies in the perfect mix of spicy, powerful Robusta and floral, fruity Arabica. This is the only way to create a powerful espresso with a fine aroma of nut and chocolate with a crema which reminds of Italy. Our coffee beans convince with 100 % premium Arabica beans which promise a mild coffee enjoyment. Our Coffee-Bikes are providing fresh and loving preparation. Thus, our espresso beans can unfold their unique Caferino aroma.

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