Which coffee type are you? – The Coffee-Bike edition

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Coffee-Bike disposable cup with heart latte art and next to it white cup with latte art, bottom right white Coffee-Bike logo

Imagine you are standing in front of the Coffee-Bike and the barista asks, which coffee speciality he can prepare for you. As you can not only enjoy coffee classics at the mobile coffee bar, but also try specials such as the Mint-Choc Latte or iced Summer Specials, the decision is certainly not easy. Or do you always order the same drink? Take our quiz to find out which coffee type you are and check out what lies behind your coffee taste.

While answering the following questions, write down the numbers behind the answer options. Add them up at the end and find out what type of coffee you are. We hope you have fun!


1. How do you like your coffee best?
a) Black as night (5)
b) A little milk never hurts (10)
c) I like a frothy beard (15)
d) Iced, Iced, Baby (20)

2. When do you prefer to drink coffee?
a) 24/7 (20)
b) Comfortably in the afternoon (10)
c) In the evening (15)
d) Right after getting up in the morning (5)

3. Why do you drink coffee?
a) Because it tastes good (10)
b) So I don’t fall asleep immediately after getting up (5)
c) To refresh myself (20)
d) Because others drink it too (15)

4. How does your day work?
a) I do everything strictly according to my to-do list (5)
b) The main thing is to spend a few hours in the fresh air (20)
c) I don’t know, I just see what’s coming up today (15)
d) I take it easy and go to a few appointments (10)

5. What hobbies do you have?
a) Golfing (5)
b) Dancing (15)
c) Reading (10)
d) Swimming (20)

6. Which movies do you like to watch?
a) James Bond (5)
b) The Avengers (10)
c) Mainly Disney (15)
d) Our Planet (20)


So, which coffee type are you? – The solution


30 to 50 points – The espresso drinker

You don’t leave the house without your morning awakener. You need the caffeine boost to get things done. Your decision for a strong espresso has been made, no matter how great the offer of a coffee catering service may be. You are determined, organised and know what you want. If things don’t go according to your plan, you quickly become impatient, but you don’t bury your head in the sand, but look for new solutions.


55 to 75 points – The cappuccino enthusiast

You love the taste of coffee and are always impressed by latte art. You are fascinated by the barista craft and have watched several latte art tutorials to post the perfect photo of your cappuccino. Your favourite thing to do is hang out with friends and talk about the latest trends. You’re warm, easygoing and always like to be up to date. You are often not on time, but no one will hold that against you because of your open nature.


80 to 100 points – The latte macchiato lover

You live on your own little cloud of milk foam and like to daydream. You are creative, thoughtful and happy about every happy ending. You like to avoid decisions and prefer to stay in the background. Everyone likes to spend time with you and you have an open ear for everyone. The barista job would be just right for you because your customers would not only come to you for your delicious coffee, but also for your friendly and courteous service.


105 to 120 points – The Iced Latte Fanatic

You live by the motto: There is no season for iced coffee drinks. You spend your time outdoors a lot, like to explore and are open to new contacts. Your good mood is infectious and your joy of living is palpable in the room. But your impulsive nature has also got you into trouble many times. It is never boring in your company. You are a born multi-biker and a real asset as a franchise partner. Whether it’s a fixed sales location or catering orders – you dare to take several steps towards the future at the same time.

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