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He stands with passion behind the Coffee-Bike and creates the most delicious coffee specialties. We’re talking about the barista, of course. The job of a barista means more than simply making coffee – it’s a profession with a vocation. A barista prepares coffee in a professional way, so that the hot beverage not only tastes good, but also looks good.

Are you looking for a full-time, part-time or temporary job and do you not only want to earn money, but also have fun with your job? Then the profession as a barista is exactly the right one. In this blog post, we’ll show you what specialist knowledge you need to be able to implement the barista craft and what advantages the profession offers you.


Theoretical knowledge…

In order to prepare good coffee, a barista needs to master theoretical basics. Let’s start with the technical understanding. How is a portafilter machine constructed and what physical processes take place in the grinder? A barista learns how the various tools and equipment work before using them, so that he or she can operate them without any problems. This is useful not only as background knowledge, but also when repairs are due. Next is coffee knowledge. As a barista, you can provide information about different types of coffee, how they differ, and what the specialties are. In addition, a barista learns about the different coffee roasts and grinds in order to meet the individual tastes of customers. Whether it’s a classic or a special, the barista must have the recipes in mind to use the right ingredients for the desired drink.


… and practical skills

Theory – so far so good, but a barista must first and foremost convince with his or her craftsmanship. For the best aroma result, a little practice is needed when brewing the coffee. After a few tests, you’ll also have figured out the perfect angle needed for a successful milk froth. You’ll also quickly get a feel for the individual characteristics of the different types of milk. Once you have mastered the basic skills, you can move on to the supreme discipline: Latte Art. Creative works of art such as hearts, swans or flowers are conjured from milk foam into the cups. With ease and an artistic eye, you can decorate coffee specialties with special highlights too. In conclusion, a friendly and courteous approach to customers is the be-all and end-all for a barista and the successful sale of his coffee. If the coffee tastes good, the atmosphere is right and the service is impeccable, customers will be happy to come back and recommend the café to others.


The advantages of being a barista

If you work as a barista, you can let your creativity run wild. With latte art, there are no limits to new works of art, and a barista can try as much as they like. Coffee-Bike baristas in particular are very flexible in their working hours. On the one hand, they can offer catering services, for example, to serve delicious coffee at weddings, birthdays or other events. On the other hand, they can work at fixed locations to have a more regular daily schedule. Since the daily work routine is characterized by interpersonal relationships, the profession is particularly suitable for communicative people who like to engage in conversation with customers and spread good cheer. As a barista, you have various career options, from simple to upscale gastronomy to self-employment. If you like to measure your passion and skills against others, you can also do so in various competitions.

Are you interested in a job as a barista and can imagine impressing customers with various coffee specialties? Then send us a non-binding inquiry with your contact details and your place of residence to We will then forward your mail to the franchise partner of the city so that he can contact you. Our Coffee-Bikers are looking forward to your support!

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