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“Let’s meet for a coffee” – after a long time you meet old friends and you arrange to exchange news. A delicious coffee speciality is a must. The Coffee-Bike is also a place where different people meet, get to know each other and enjoy the best coffee creations in town. Not only at events does the mobile coffee bar invite you to linger, but also at fixed sales locations such as in parks, at tourism hot spots or on business campuses. Our iced drinks are particularly popular in the hot temperatures.


Occasions to drink coffee

Even if you’ve already finished breakfast with your companion, you’re sure to enjoy a cup or two of cappuccino. The same goes for a coffee date with your best friend, where there is so much to talk about that a glass of latte macchiato is not enough. To lighten the mood, a caffeinated drink is also offered at the beginning of a job interview. A business meeting without caffeine is equally unimaginable.


Events to enjoy coffee

Coffee-Bike catering is particularly popular at weddings. Instead of a classic champagne reception, the mobile coffee bar is increasingly requested to offer delicious iced specialities or delicious hot beverages after the wedding ceremony. At birthdays, the Coffee-Bike is particularly convincing with its extensive assortment. In addition to the classics, guests like to try the Mint-Choc Latte or the Black-Forest-Cherry Latte. At company parties, the mobile coffee bar is the place to go to talk to colleagues away from the office.

Check out our free Coffee-Bike app (Android & iOS) to see where you can find the nearest Coffee-Bike in your area. Take your best friend, run to the barista with your dog or head out on your own to enjoy a delicious Coffee-Bike coffee speciality.

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