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An espresso cup is held over a wooden board on which are beans, a spoon and two Caferino packets.

New year – new coffee trends. Although the year is only a few days old, we would like to venture a prediction about the coffee trends 2021.


Veganuary – vegan January

January gives us the first trend right away. Everywhere you read about the so-called “Veganuary” – the vegan January. The campaign is intended to encourage people around the world to try out a purely plant-based diet for a month. Of course, our favourite drink, coffee, can’t be an exception. Fortunately, you can also choose from many different plant-based milk alternatives at our Coffee-Bikes. Whether it’s soy, oat or coconut, there’s something for every taste. Just ask the barista you trust at your next visit to the Coffee-Bike and let him sweeten your day with a delicious purely plant-based hot drink. 


High-quality coffee equipment

Unfortunately, we will not be completely spared from the Corona pandemic in 2021. Many of us are still in the home office and therefore prefer to drink their coffee at home at the moment. To make this a pleasure, it is worth investing in high-quality equipment. Whether it’s fully automatic coffee machines, fresh beans or your favourite syrup with vanilla flavour – we don’t want to miss out on anything in our own four walls in 2021. With our delicious Caferino beans in organic quality, we offer a wonderful alternative so that you don’t have to do without the beloved coffee-bike taste at home. Take a look at our shop. There you will also find a lot of equipment for your perfect coffee enjoyment at home.


Culinary indulgence

Especially in times of lockdown and personal restrictions, culinary enjoyment should not be neglected. The more variety, the better. Fortunately, we have exactly the right thing for you. In addition to classic coffee specialities such as Americano or Cappuccino, we also offer you a wide range of special coffee creations and seasonal specials at the Coffee-Bike. For example, have you already tried our Winter Specials? The delicious Nutcracker Macchiato and the Hazelnut Amaretto Latte are guaranteed to enchant you on those chilly winter days. Just check our Coffee-Bike app to find out where the nearest Coffee-Bike is in your area and treat yourself.


Reviving traditions

Finally, a trend seems to be crystallizing for 2021 that some of us may only know from earlier times – coffee time. Coffee and cake in the afternoon – at first glance, that might sound like a bit of a cliché. But in fact, such old traditions are currently coming back to life more than ever. Many of us are spending much more time at home and to avoid boredom in the new everyday life, it is important to create rituals and little highlights. We’ve already told you where to get good coffee. If you are still looking for a delicious and quick recipe, you should take a look here.

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