Cooking with coffee – find out how!

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In a black pan are coffee beans, a wooden cooking spoon and a black and white towel, in front of it is an open Caferino coffee beans package

Did you know that coffee is not only good in the coffee maker, but also on the cooker or in the oven? We show you a few interesting ways to spice up your next meal with aromatic coffee.


How do you use coffee for cooking?

The best basis for cooking is always the whole bean. Whether whole or ground into powder, fresh coffee is always a better alternative than the instant version. The whole bean can be used to make a delicious coffee oil, for example. Simply steep the coffee beans in warm olive oil or neutral-tasting rapeseed oil for a while. The ground beans, on the other hand, are excellent for use in various marinades or sauces. You can boil down a large amount of the coffee powder with water to make a concentrated brew and then use it accordingly. But of course, coffee is also great for sweet desserts. You can find a little inspiration for this in one of our earlier posts.


These foods go well with coffee

The coffee oil goes wonderfully with fresh coleslaw or rather bitter vegetables, such as pak choi, and gives you a completely unexpected taste experience. In the form of a marinade, coffee is suitable for pickling salmon, for example, or cooked as a sauce to complement roast game or beef. As a mixture in combination with other spices, you can use coffee wonderfully to season grilled meat. All in all, there are many foods that can be combined with aromatic coffee. We are sure that one or two of the items on the following list will surprise you:

  • Light steamed fish, pickled or poached salmon
  • prawns
  • elderflowers
  • scallops
  • chicken
  • Game (deer, roe deer, pork)
  • Leek
  • Macadamia
  • Roasted red peppers
  • (Roasted) sunflower seeds
  • Cardamom
  • Orange
  • Pistachios
  • Vanilla or cocoa

Of course, these are not all possible combinations. Be brave and just try it out for yourself. There are no limits to your imagination. Finally, we have a tip for you on where to find the best beans. Take a look at our shop and let yourself be inspired by our delicious Caferino beans.