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Whether it’s coffee beans or coffee powder – how do you store this precious commodity properly? You might not believe it, but this topic can trigger controversial discussions. We would like to give you a few extra fresh tips so that your coffee can continue to develop its full aroma and every cup is a pleasure. Of course, we’ll also show you where to get the best coffee for home use, but more on that later.


Finding the right storage box

Before we talk about the external conditions, such as the right storage temperature, everything now revolves around the right container. Plastic, glass, metal, the choice of materials is wide, but in which container will the coffee really stay fresh? Cans made of plastic or glass are not recommended. Glass is usually not tinted and therefore translucent – not a good choice! Plastic is a popular option for storing food. Nevertheless, it is not at the top of our list. Most of the time, a plastic jar wears out relatively quickly, so it doesn’t really look that good any more. Furthermore, as it wears out, it can happen that components of the can end up in the product. Coffee with plastic? Doesn’t sound very appetising.

We recommend containers made of metal or porcelain. These have a smooth surface and are also opaque and durable. It is important that you can close your container airtight to keep the oxygen out as much as possible.


Fridge: Yes or No?

Maybe you have tried it yourself or know the method from your parents or grandparents. Many people believe that coffee keeps fresh for a long time in the fridge. But the only thing fresh about this idea is the temperature in the fridge. Your coffee has no business in the freezer either. In addition to the cool temperatures, you often find a lot of moisture there, which is absorbed by the coffee like a sponge. Foreign smells from other foodstuffs also love to mingle with your beans or coffee powder. Even the best coffee tin won’t help. Coffee can be stored in an airtight and dark container at normal room temperature. So it doesn’t need cool temperatures.

For a particularly long-lasting aroma, we recommend that you prefer the whole bean to the ground powder and grind it just before use. Due to the larger surface of the ground coffee powder, the aromas unfortunately dissipate particularly quickly. Take a look at the Coffee-Bike online shop. There you will find our fresh Caferino beans in the best organic quality.

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